Trivia: Oklahoma Declared Watermelon as its Official State ... Vegetable!

In 2007, Oklahoma made watermelon its official state vegetable.

Yes, you read that right: on April 17, 2007, the Oklahoma State Senate passed a bill declaring that not only is watermelon a vegetable (related to cucumbers, they said), it's also the state's official vegetable. (Source)

Other states have official vegetables are:

Arkansas - South Arkansas vine ripe tomato
Georgia - Vidalia sweet onion

Idaho - potato (what else?)
Louisiana - sweet potato
New Mexico - chile and pinto bean
North Carolina - sweet potato
Texas - sweet onion
Utah - Spanish sweet onion
Washington - Walla Walla sweet onion

i dont say much on this site, but i have to say that cucumbers are technically fruit, which by their logic makes a watermelon a fruit like everyone thought to begin with.
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Botanically speaking a watermelon is a fruit, because it comes from the reproductive part of the plant. Also in the culinary sense.. it's also a fruit, because it's sweet and eaten as a fruit. I don't know what Oklahoma is thinking.. I guess they are getting down to the very basic "animal, vegetable, mineral" argument, and if you go down that road, yes, I suppose a watermelon is a vegetable.
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Webster defines a vegetable as "1 a: of, relating to, constituting, or growing like plants b: consisting of plants".
Fruits are defined as "1 a: a product of plant growth (as grain, vegetables, or cotton) b (1): the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant; especially : one having a sweet pulp associated with the seed "

So all fruits are also vegetables, but not all vegetables are fruits. So the Oklahomans aren't crazy, they just read the dictionary and decide to fuck with all the people who consider them nothing more than flyover country.
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Is this going to be another case in which everyone who really just can't stand not to be privy to some special secret information that makes them smarter than everyone else in the room is going to start claiming watermelons are vegetables?
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If I remember correctly, I think somebody wanted to make it the state fruit, but that was already the strawberry. So, in order to force the issue he changed it to vegetable. I don't know. Politicians do stupid things in every state. It's their stupidity that makes them want to be politicians in the first place.

I'm a current OK resident (I work for an oil company) but I'm not from here.
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I work with produce all day, and I am a word nerd.

A berry is a small, pulpy fruit with a pit(i.e. seed) in the center. Therefore, a grape is a berry, and a strawberry is not. Melons are not berries, they're not small.

Furthermore, the cucumber is a member of the melon family, it's just elongated. A cucumber is a fruit because fruits have seeds, vegetables do not. A watermelon is NOT a vegetable. (Even seedless ones have smallish seeds.) A tomato is a fruit (it has seeds).

The second webster's definition is the abstract concept, i.e. the fruits of your labor, fruits of the harvest.
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Watermelon is definitely a kind of berry, definitely a fruit, and definitely vegetable in that it is neither mineral nor animal.
The fruit of a plant is the matured pistil of the flower.
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Fruit is a botanical and culinary term, vegetable is only a culinary term. In the botanical sense, a vegetable can be a fruit, a root, a fungi, a leaf... It is called a vegetable because of how it is used in the kitchen, not in the garden, therefore, I'm pretty sure a watermelon is not a vegetable.
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I applaud Oklahoma's category-redefining efforts, which I have just (belatedly) discovered. More of this capricious sort of thing from our legislators might make me pay attention to politics: if I could turn on the news and find out California had renamed itself Atlantis or that the IQ of Canada's Prime Minister was now going to determine the value of its dollar ... the news might get turned on.
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