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What is It? Game 56

Hooray! Here is this week's collaboration with What it it? blog: can you guess what this gruesome claw-like object is for?

Place your guess in the comment section. Please post no URL, let others play ... No prize this week, so you're playing for fun and bragging rights only.

For more clues, see: What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 3/14/08 0 - the answer is:

A coal lifting device, used when adding coal to a fire, it protects the hand from flames and also from contact with the coal, patented in 1896, number 567,087.

I've got a modern version of this made of plastic.
Its used for scooping up leaves and other ground debris.
Wear them like a glove and scoop up the trash.
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Well, it looks pretty gruesome because all the bright paint has worn away, but this is ' Meeraflu', a flower gethering device from Belgium. In the deft hands of a country girl a basket of perfect blooms can be gathered without bruising a petal, all while gently singing the Belgian national anthem. In WW2 the Nazi gathered all these (the Meerflus, not the country girls) and melted them down to make tanks. Nowadays, they just rip the flowers out of the ground and stuff 'em in tow sacks.
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I think it might be something like oven mitts to remove hot pottery from a kiln. Or perhaps a device a blacksmith would use to handle hot steel
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They go over a pair of boots for either traveling across ice, like a glacier or something, or they are worn by lumber jacks for climbing trees.
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It is missing its paint, but it is not for picking flowers. It is a pickle picker, for daintily picking up pickles out of pickle dishes. You put it over your thumb and forefinger.
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Its a ice claw lifter from the olden days (and still sometimes in the country) when they used to cut ice from the lake and then store it in a hut with sawdust. You'd lift a (big) cube of ice out, rinse it then put it in the ice box or cooler.
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No, it's a BEAR trap. See, it confuses the bears because they think it's just, like, a fellow bear's hand sticking out of the ground, and when they try to pull it out it snaps shut and they get caught! It's sad, really.
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mechanical claw from a steampunk'd version of the old arcade game where you control said claw with a joystick & try to snag a stuffed animal for yer girlfriend
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That is definitely an iron venus fly trap (ferrum flyeateris). They're native to volcanic vents and feed upon young children.
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I would have said strawberry huller as well, but according to the What Is It website, it's six inches long, which is too big. Maybe used on some larger fruit?
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Oh, you guys are awesome! I <3 Neatorama readers! Congrats to Steve #21 who got it right (coal scoop), though I have to say I had wished that it was a medieval pooper scooper.
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