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Giant Baby in Iran

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! This 6-month-old baby, born at normal weight in Tehran, Iran, weighs 20 kg (44 lb). Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] (does anyone know what they were saying?)

What they said is essentially the following:

1) baby was born at normal weight of 3kg and over a 5-6 month period the child grew to 20kg.

2) The parents noticed the drastic weight increase and took the child in for blood tests which showed no abnormal levels.

3) Doctor in Dubai suggested decreasing the milk consumption from every one hour to every 6 hours. As a result the child gained no weight in the past month as opposed to the last month in which the child gained 10kg.
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Re: Shervin's translation

All that from milk consumption? Something has got to be really off with his glands and metabolism. And is it normal to feed a baby once every hour? (I'm not a mother)
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There is some kind of Lie in this. The parents over fed him because they thought a big fat baby meant they were well off or something. He's not just big (I was a normal 10 pound baby) he's over fed and fat. Like the Iranian Augustus Gloop.
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Well, I think normal babies stop eating when they're full - and it's almost impossible to force them to drink milk when they're not hungry.

The parents overfed him by feeding him milk every hour, but there may be something to the baby that it *wants* milk every hour (of course after a while, it's just habit).
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Growth has 3 phases.

In early life, growth is determined primarily by feeding. Hence why poorly controlled diabetic Mums have big babies - too much sugar in the womb. It's not about Mum or Dad's height at this point. This continues for 6-12 months.

In childhood to puberty growth is determined by genes. Evidently feeding plays a part, but only when it's deficient (i.e. you can end up smaller than expected, but unlikely to be any bigger than your genes predict).

Adolescence's growth spurt is dominated by hormones, but you didn't need me to tell you that.

So if they stop ramming NUCLEAR FOOD down his throat, this baby should return to normal size (assuming he has no genetic abnormality).
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looks like iran and the u.s. have more in common than either cares to admit. and to all you morons who keep saying he was fed nuclear food, how do you explain the 60% obesity rate in the u.s.? Simple over-eating and poor dietary habits(from the parents) are leading causes of obesity in the WORLD.
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Thanks for the translation Shervin. I think they're overfeeding him. Oh yeah, milk can make you fat. There may be a metabolism issue or something that added to it but I'd say too many calories = fat is the main reason. Poor kid...I mean baby. It's hard to believe he's just 6 months.
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At first I thought of Prader-Willi syndrome, but the uncontrollable eating involved doesn't usually begin in infancy.

That's a big kid. I have a nine-year-old who weights 46 pounds.
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What kind of milk... sheep's milk?... and every hour? Unless he was nursing, eating every hour is insane and, obviously, unhealthy. That poor kid has a short and difficult life ahead of him. He outweighs my five-year old!
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My nephew was born with a neuroblastoma, which is a form of childhood cancer. The tumor was pressing on his thyroid gland, which I think caused it to malfunction. He gained an unbelievable amount of weight before they finally figured out what the problem was. He wasn't as large as this baby, though.
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Yeah, in addition to being fat, kid is also just plain big. Something else is going on.

It seems to me a bit difficult to "overfeed" an infant. In my limited experience, when their bellies are full, they simply spit it all back up. Or they simply won't eat any more. If the kid is hungry all the time, and putting all the nourishment into body mass, some phisiological oddity is going on.
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I think they were feeding the baby whale milk or maybe polar bear milk, which has a high fat content compared to the 3-4% fat content of human breast milk/cow milk.

This reminded me of the Maury show when they had fat children on, but all the kids were fat primarily because their mothers were crazy demented and thought overfeeding was either 1) cute, or 2) easier than hearing them cry.
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Speaking as a breastfeeding mother of a 2-month old boy who DOES like to eat every hour and a half or so during a growth spurt (3 weeks, 6 weeks, etc.)...milk is not going to make an infant grow that big or tall in 6 months.

It looks to me to be some sort of metabolism problem, since as a previous poster said, infants stop eating when they're full although bottle-fed babies tend to eat more than breastfed (hindmilk from the breastmilk is higher in fat and calories than foremilk and basically signals 'full' to the baby).

It may not be a condition detectable by blood tests, looks like a thyroid or pituitary condition that may cause giantism.
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A few years ago, on one of those shows, Maury, probably, they had an American child like that. It turned out it was a growth thing where the child grew very fast at an early age, then would stop growing earlier in life. It was likely that the child would actually end up shorter than average, since his growth would stop in his early teens, instead of continuing into his late teens or early twenties.

If the child is only breastfeeding, it seems unlikely that he could be overfeeding, although his mother does look very tired!
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This baby is huge! My little brother was born at 13 lbs. He was 61 cm long as a baby. He is ten right now and he is 161 cm tall and weighs 90 lbs. And he has not got much fat! He is strong as an ox - he easily punches 14 yr olds to the ground. It has been estimated he will be at least 7ft when he reaches adulthood. Been there, done that. This kid from Iran will become a monsterously big guy when he grows up!
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Aaaaaaawwwww.....The baby is really fat and chunky, which in his case seems to be really unhealthy. But he's soooooo damn cute and adorable. I just wanna squeeze him and play with the baby. Aaaaaaaaawwwwww!!! Hey, I love fat, chubby, chunky, whubbly, squishy, mudgey babies. I think they're cuddley and just oh so adorable. The parents in this video, however, maybe should seek another opinion to see if something is in fact going on with their baby's digestive system and/or glands.
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