Eating Sushi Off of a Naked Body

Recently, the Temple Restaurant and Bar in Minneapolis had a ... um, cultural night. Yeah, that's it: They brought the Japanese practice of eating sushi off of a naked body to the heartland of America:

The history of eating sushi off of a person ("nyotaimori" and "nantaimori" mean "female body presentation" and "male body presentation" respectively) is a bit enigmatic, and tracking down the origins of the practice is difficult. Sources differ about whether it is a longstanding tradition among geisha or whether it is a relatively recent phenomenon owed to the yakuza.

There were four models, two males and two females - and you can guess which ones were more popular:

Though the practice seems a more artistic than sensual one, there are exceptions. Two men approach a model whose sushi stocks have recently been depleted. "Oh no!" one says, never taking his eyes off Tuesdee. "There's no more food!" But he lingers. "C'mon," his buddy says. "Let's get more sake." I hear another man's girlfriend ask him, "are we going to keep going back to the same girl?"

Link: Article by Jeff Shaw in City Pages | Gallery of photos by James Tran (SFW) - Thanks Jeff!

We were doing that at sex parties in San Francisco everywhere in the mid 90's. Maybe it took that long to make its way to Japan and back again to the "American Heartland"?
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Medussa, it's probably one of those things like chop suey that people think was invented in another country but was actually not. I'm not sure where this thing originated, but it's been in some movies like 'Rising Sun' since the early 90's.
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One thing can be certain... it was the stupid idea of a guy. Somehow I juuuust can't imagine women coming up with something so retarded.

(yawhn... yes female, yes attractive enough, yes not pms'ing... no, not feminist... no not a dike...damn why do women have to constantly explain themselves...)
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