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Pickle Sickle

It’s just what you might think from the name -pickle juice in a popsicle! John Howard, a roller rink owner in Seguin, Texas, found that his frozen pickle juice treats were very popular with kids, so he started his own company to sell them nationwide. Have you ever tried one? Link -via Slashfood

This kind of makes sense. When I worked at a Renaissance Faire, they would give you a glass of pickle juice if you started showing signs of dehydration.
I also have a nasty habit of drinking pickle juice straight out of the jar.
Also, it's a great alternative to sugary summertime treats.
I've been thinking for a while that the age of the savoury frozen foods has come.
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Another weird Southern pickle treat is Kool-Aid pickles. Big pickles (like the kind you'd get at a concession stand) soaked in concentrated kool-aid. Very weird tasting.
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I dont know about pickle flavored popsicles, but theres a store around here that sells all sorts of crazy flavored ones. They have stuff like cinnamon-watermelon and one I cant remember that had rosemary in it - with actual sprigs of rosemary in the pop! Their website isnt that informative, but if you live in the Triangle are of NC, check them out - its definitely different!
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You used to be able to get pickle juice snow cones in Pearsall, TX. I was never brave enough to try one but they were popular with kids who also put pickle juice on flaming hot cheetos too. The other popular snack was unsweetened koolaid mixed with salt on ice cubes.
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My brother would totally love these, so I'll have to find some for him. He is a slobbering fan of nearly anything pickled--gherkins, dills, bread-and-butters, okra, capers, peppers, olives, etc. And when he's done, he pops a couple dozen boiled eggs into the jar of juice. He always has a steady supply of pickled goodies on hand--and if he really likes you, he'll even share them!

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Well that just proves that you Yanks y'all have no taste buds if ya thunk that tastes guud.

No wonder the inbred Jed descendants of Brits and Krauts down there are the laughing stocks in the eyes of the world.
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My mother loves pickles on her pizza and cooked in her grilled cheese. I can see her eating these...
I don't know if I could do it though. I like baby pickles a lot...can eat almost a whole jar in a siting, but frozen pickle juice...I don't know...
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