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Spring Forward, Fall Back

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tonight! Daylight Saving Time begins tonight for most of the United States and Canada. The expansion of the period we use DST is due to the Energy Policy Act of 2005; although studies show the effect on energy consumption is negigible, if not counterproductive. DST will last until the first weekend in November, which is almost two-thirds of the year. European Summer Time begins the last Sunday in March and runs til the last Sunday in October. Nations in the southern hemisphere who observe the practice have been on DST for months, and will soon go back to standard time as their fall approaches. Wikipedia has more on Daylight Saving Time history and practices around the world. Link

Daylight Saving Time, I believe it's one of the best examples of human stupidity I've ever seen. Whether we actually do save energy or not may not matter, but instead of people saying that "sure, we'll all agree to get up and start our day an hour early," everyone says that would be too hard. So, the answer? Reset the clocks so the people "think" they're getting up at the same time as before.

And there is always that very large portion of us who actually do believe we're getting an "EXTRA" hour of daylight by doing this.
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I love daylight savings time because it's lighter later. Or "later." Or whatever. I think we should just permanently change it. Why even switch it back, if it's all just made-up hours anyway and it has no real effect on energy use?
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Time zones are so antiquated anyways. Everyone should just use UTC and adjust their local working/business hours as needed.

Or better yet, we should all use that funky swatch time that was based on a day being divided up into a 1000 parts (too bad that never caught on).
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This sucks. I can't fall asleep until about midnight, which will be tomorrow's 1 am last night, and I gotta get up at 7, which is today's 6 am tomorrow! Screw you, sun and time!
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If I ruled the world...

When we turned the clocks an hour back, it would be on a Monday morning.

When we turned the clocks forward, it would be noon on Friday, so everyone could get out of work early.

Sounds good, no?
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" Studies show that Daylight Savings Time's effect on energy consumption is at best negligible and possibly counterproductive." What a waste. Who lives their modern life by the sun? We are a twenty-four hour a day society and DST doesn't do anything practical. It's an antiquated system that needs to be abandoned.
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One thing that even the government can't do is mandate more hours in a day.

Just as David B said, DST uses more energy than it saves.

I love the morons that want to have it year around. They don't seem to get the fact that it will get dark at 4 pm in December with their adjusted clock. Idiots.

This is an idea who's time (ha ha) has come and gone.
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Ahhh... antiquated, moronic, wasteful, who cares. It's a mental boost for me to have some light after dinner. And think of all the tallow I'm saving.
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I'm glad to see I'm not alone in recognizing the uselesness and folly of DST. I have the hardest time explaining to people that the increased hours of daylight happen regardless of whether one fools with the clock --- Summer is a comin' in, people! Meanwhile, traffic accidents due to sun glare and tired drivers increase, auto insurance rates continue to climb... and way too many people buy into the party line that "We just saved some daylight!" because the Earth's axial tilt is just too difficult a concept for them to grasp.

There are petitions online for abolishing DST. I urge everyone to seek them out and sign them, or start another one.
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