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The Lady's Brunch Burger

We posted a tip on how to lose weight by eating breakfast before on Neatorama, but I think it's safe to say that if you eat this, then all bets are off.

Behold the Lady's Brunch Burger by none other than Paula Deen of Paula's Home Cooking at the Food Network TV channel. And yes, that's a meat patty, egg, and bacon in between glazed donuts.

Link | Recipe - Thanks raphael!

What a bitch for even suggesting people eat something so unhealthy. People like her have a place waiting for them in (theoretical) hell.
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I'm surprised Paula Dean is still alive, what with all the butter, cream and fat she consumes. Her husband looks like he's got one leg in the coffin. But I must admit that people enjoy watching her on the FoodNetwork channel, probably for the same reasons people watch Jerry Springer... to feel superior to these lower life forms.

I would literally throw up if I ate this sandwich due to my mindful eating. But I wouldn't hesitate to try a deep-fried pizza or deep-fried twinkie.

Hell, I've had deep-fried scorpions and cecadas when I did study-abroad in China. Tasted like potato chips.
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I don't get Paula Dean because people are always bringing recipes to parties that they claim were made by her on her show, and they are usually semi-delicious and pretty healthy, but then I see crap like this, and a picture of her, and I wonder just how healthy her view of food is. Most of her food makes me sick, and compared to everyone else on that channel she doesn't even deserve a spot.
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It wouldn't be bad if you replaced the donut with a bagel. I'm not too wild about sugar mixing with hamburgers. Eat it with a bagel and then have the donut for dessert.
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I've thought for a long time that Paula Dean was trying to kill me. Now I have proof.

I'm ashamed to be from the south sometimes. My parents went to her restaurant in Savannah, Ga. and it was just a frickin' buffet. And not the best buffet at that.
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At #4: I think it was mentioned even before the Boondocks by comedian Jim Gaffigan. He talks about how unhealthy food marketing can be, and suggests a ham-n'-hamburger sandwich. Which you can put between a doughnut and serve for breakfast.

Good stuff.

I would never eat this thing, though. I think it exceeds my calorie max for one day. Maybe two days.
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The Luther sounds bad. I'm a fat guy, ask Thomas, and speaking for these people, you know fatties, yes, the Luther is just too much. But, I must say I haven't tried it and one can't judge food correctly without at least trying it. However, if Thomas ever finds out that I have eaten a Luther, he's cutting it out of me and that sounds bad, so no Luther for me, EVER.
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