The Dyatlov Pass Accident


In 1959, nine experienced cross country skiers, led by Igor Dyatlov, were trapped in a snowstorm and decided to set camp and sleep it out.

Later that night, something made all nine people leave their tents in such a hurry that they ripped them open from within. These people stumbled down the slope, in subzero weather, only in their underwear with no socks or shoes. All nine were discovered dead and frozen by a search party about a month later.

Here's where it gets really creepy: three of the nine suffered massive chest and head injuries that could only be caused by forces akin to that of a car crash, but without any external wounds. There were high doses of radioactivity. And if those weren't weird enough: one victim was missing her tongue.

Read more about the Dyatlov Pass Accident, including how mysterious "bright flying spheres" were seen nearby and why the findings of the investigation were classified as secret: Link | Photo Gallery (in Russian) | Wikipedia entry - via SF Gate and Super Punch

the friend who was left behind said their faces were more tan than usual... could it be because they were surrounded by snow and it is common to get burned by the reflection of the sun off of the snow? they never said anything about that...
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It's hard to believe that more than a week after the incident probably happened 'investigators' were able to come up with so much footprint evidence.
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I just read about this in the San Francisco Chronicle homepage a few days ago. Creepy in the spirit of that Japanese manga about the human figured holes in the mountain side.
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Woah! Alex, are you a fan of the podcast show "Mysterious Universe"? If not than I think you really should listen to it. All about aliens, conspiracies, and general x-files stuff. Plus, the host is a great Australian fella with a killer accent. And his name is awesome. Benjamin Grundy! :D
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I vote for the missle theory.
There were probably some missiles launched that went off course. Hit the mountain above the camp and caused a landslide. Thus causing the skiers to panic and leave camp with whatever they had on at the time. The injuries probably came from the landslide. And if there was radiation levels in their clothes it may have come from the snow where the missiles impacted and slid down covering the skiers with the radiation particles.
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Wow...this is weird. Thanks for posting.
But if you click on the link it takes you to that article, right? Well in the first picture it shows the four skiers. The one on the ground in it, Zina Kolmogorova, looks a lot like Kiera Knightley. Did anyone else notice that?
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scavenger animals often eat the tongue first -- it's soft, accessible and pure protein. people find dead deer and other animals in the woods with no tongues...little field mice can eat those very easily down to a clean nub.
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It would be interesting to know if there were conspicuous military demotions near the time this occurred. Could anyone else but military have killed these people in such a manner? So they had to try and cover it up with UFO speculation. It was a sloppy murder, I imagine there were some very displeased military commanders as a result.
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