Canyon, the Sand Cat

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I had never seen a Sand Cat {wiki} until today. From the Metacafe entry:
The Sand Cat is indeed the cutest cat in the world. The Sand Cat (Felis margarita) lives in the deserts from north Africa and throughout Asia. Sand Cats are about the size of a small house cat. They are lised as a near threatened species, but experts feel numbers (like most wild felines) are declining. By protecting wildlife habitat we can save great animals like this cute little cat. Thanks. *this sand cat is named Canyon and he lives at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fl. Poceeds from these videos help go towards various animal conservation efforts.

-via Un monde nouveau s'offre à moi

I believe Big Cat Rescue also runs a bed and breakfast where you can sleep with one or more of their cats. Cervals, tigers and a couple leopards. I'll look around to see if I'm correct. Saw the article a few years back in The Orlando Sentinal.
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Thanks for letting others know about Big Cat Rescue and one of our cutest little residents, Canyon. We don't have the B&B anymore as it is used for our interns who live with us for 3 months at a time. We do have a YouTube styled site though, at where you can post videos like this, photos, blogs and it is all free and unlimited storage. It is a place for animal lovers only. Carole Baskin, Founder of
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Federation of Songbirds Says:
March 2nd, 2008 at 6:24 pm
"We object in the strongest possible terms to this post - these animals are psychopaths, torturers and murderers."

Which is exactly why this offender is incarcerated.
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Oh, well, if it's cute, we *have* to rescue it.

There was something kinda ominous about Carole Baskin's last sentence: "It is a place for animal lovers only."
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Carole, Thank you for posting. It is sad that you don't run the B&B any longer. But, it's a plus for the babies that you have a full staff. I would gladly share a room, :D.
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Hey. I saw this sand cat Canyon myself and yes he is adorable. However he is feisty little guy. But look, just because an animal is doing what they naturally do in the wild doesn't make them "murderers". He is surviving and keeping the ecosystem in check. As far as "animal lovers only" goes, that just means no talking crap on a page meant to have serious intelligent conversations.
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