Castro on Retirement

Now that Fidel Castro has retired, what is he going to do? Here's a "modded" interview of Fidel by Hugh Atkin of Sledge Video:

On Retirement
Fidel Castro: No, retirement plans were never that important to me. I've always figured that the CIA would get me one way or another. Exploding cigars! Can you believe that?

On wealth
Fidel Castro: The Americans always accuse me of corruption ... of stealing money. All lies. However, forty years ago, I did buy a stake in a small company which manufactures miniature Cuban flags.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube, a little coarse language] - Thanks Hugh!

I do not sympathize with Fidel Castro, but this video is a hoax. He´s not saying any of the things the subtitles says. Neatorama is making a bad joke based on a false translation. I think you have to advise the non-spanish users of this situation.
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Still not to late to shoot the bastard.
And chill out Andres, it's a joke and even spanish speaking people will "get it". It's the french apparently that don't. hahahahaha
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The video is kinda funny,but it also shows how americans see everybody south of the funny men who speak a silly language. Like it or not, Cuba survives in the face of USA, a heavy neighbor to have. Cuba used to be USA´s bordello, run by washington's puppets. Like it or not, right or wrong, Cuba has made its own decissions.

And about that silly language...get used to it cabrones, because we latinos breed like crazy while the wasp waste their childless lives trying to control the money less than 100 years, USA will no longer be an english speaking country...who will laugh then?
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Get over it, your reading to much into it (herminius).

Most people understand that this is an incorrect translation just for silliness and fun. The post even tells you so. It's not about cultural view or whatnot, its just about having a laugh.
If you don't believe that, see any of Wierd Al's "interviews" with celebrities. They use the same language but he edits them to make them silly. Just for fun.

"Just because you are fat does not mean you can sing." LOL
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It's not really a hoax, because it wasn't intended to fool anyone! It is what we in the U.S. call "humor" or our brethren in the U.K. call "humour". In France, the closest translation my be "Jerry Lewis".
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