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What Is It? Game 54

Hooray! It's time for our collaboration with What is it? blog. If you can guess what today's strange object is, you'll win a Free Neatorama T-shirt (old design).

Place your guess in the comment. One guess per comment, please, but you can submit as many as you can think of. Post no URL - let others play, please. First one to guess right will win the T-shirt. If no one guessed right, then the funniest guess will get it instead.

For more clues, check out What is it? Blog.

Update 2/29/08 - the answer is:
A battery date marker, some old batteries had a lead bar on the top into which the date was stamped with this piece. The numbers on it represent the 12 months of 1956, and the first three months of 1957.

I suppose "stamp tool" is right, so Marcin Petruszka #3 got that right first. But since no one specifically said "stamp tool for battery" I've decided I'll give TWO winning shirts. One to Marcin, and another one to Louise #25 for the funniest entry (Iron Man's wedding ring) - congrats, guys!

I've never seen anythng like this, but I guess what this could be used to - Looks like steel or cast iron to me, and it has those reversed letters protruding from the surface... This could be some rotating part of a press - you could turn the ring changing the numbers/letters that eventually get pressed against some softer material - paper, copper, lead.
Am I at least close? :)
Fun to do this anyway!
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I believe it is to hung on a small valve on the rising stem part of the shaft to indicate when it was turned on or off by the controlling authority.The valve would be for gas or water.
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it has characteristics of a spark plug gap tool, but obviously it's not for spark plugs because it's measurements are far larger than needed. i'm at a loss. it's photoshopped!
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This is a mold insert for adding a datestamp to manufactured goods. You slot the insert into the mold in the proper orientation, and the date shown is molded into the product. This particular model appears to be from 1956, since the dates run are of the form "m-yy" and the yy is 56.
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It looks like it's attached to a cog to increase it's size. The inner teething are about the same size, but it increases the width between teeth.

Well, that's my guess.
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I believe it is a ring to be hung on the rising part of a small stem valve for the control of water or gas by some controlling authority. It can be read backwards by the use of a mirror.
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It's like a stamp, but not really. It's used for etching a number into metal. You put the desired number face-down on whatever you want to brand, then whack it on the back with a hammer.
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It couldn't been used for dates or months because the caracter are fixed, and are 15; then maybe it was used to stamp the size of some tool like 01/56 or 15/56
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Unfortunately the name of this little beauty escapes me at the moment, but obviously, just from looking at it you can tell its creator was a visionary, the provocative bumps and flat finish are a combination rarely seen today. These are useful in many circumstances, e.g.: some guy shoots you a snook in church; an idiot is trying to argle-bargle your girlfriend; that guy with the chainsaw doesn't know when to stop; a couple of weasels are bothering your chickens; or even when some hockey puck needs his firkin realigned. I guess that's enough for now, those are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are plenty more times when this would come in handy.

Robot Hunter
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es parte de un sistema maya conocido como

"maquina para puñetas"

asi es, en esos tiempos cualquier pendejo se podia divertir con ella

segun antiguas inscripciones el rey Huixtlillopoxtli jugaba con su hijo todos los dias con una de estas
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