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Pickup School For Men Who Can't Get Any

Meet Satoshi Fujita, whose Pickup School for Men Who Can't Get Any, promises to turn any geek into a womanizing pro:

Satoshi Fujita is not a good-looking man. He has oily skin, beady eyes, short legs and a boy-band wig to cover his balding head. But that hasn't stopped him from becoming Japan's most sought-after dating coach for geeks.

Fujita's Pickup School for Men Who Can't Get Any teaches geeky, insecure men of all ages how to gain confidence, score dates and get laid -- all based, he says, on a proprietary "science" he discovered after a decade of careful research.

"I always teach my students that sex comes first," he says. "Then you figure out whether the woman is worth marrying later."

Don't believe it? Just check out this guy's sucess story:

"Since joining Mr. Fujita's school, I have had five successful relationships," says Hachioji Robocop, a 27-year-old civil servant who has been taking the course since 2004. "I lost my virginity six months into the course, and now I can now communicate with women. I'm very grateful." (Photo: Lisa Katayama)

You can't have five successful relationships. You can only have four failed ones and one "to-be-determined."

Unless you're a polygamist.
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I agree...I also scratched my head with the five relationships quote. :)

Regarding the article and from personal experience. Jeez, it's all about confidence...and lowering your expectations. And by lowering I mean don't place the object of your affection on a pedestal because that always leads to problems in the long run for both of you. Most importantly be yourself because the person for you will be attracted to you because of who you are. And if that certain somebody isn't in to biggie there are 6 billion folks out there for you to try your luck with.
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I'm surprised he had any luck with a last name like "Robocop". Sounds very traditionally Japanese. I guess the ladies over there like that sort of geekery. Over here, though, he'd probably get more laughs than... whatever else he might be getting.

And sex comes first? Looks like good old-fashioned courting is truly dead the world over. Too bad men haven't figured out that women still like to be treated like people... and not just sex toys.
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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc............

anyone can get laid
there is no big mystery the truble comes when you find some one you really really like and you want to get her/him to really really like you
so if its ment to be its ment to be if not move on
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He teaches them that sex comes first? What a jerk.
I'm also questioning the "five successful relationships" quote. Pretty much all relationships are successful...until they're over.
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It seems opinions here about the proper place of sex in a relationship divide along gender lines. Why am I not surprised? This is liable to get me into trouble, but it has to be done.

In fact, women like to be treated as sex toys just fine when it suits them, which can be defined as "as long as it takes to get a guy into a serious legal commitment". After that, some kind of switch throws in their heads. Their interest in sex falls at about 5% a month until there isn't any left, except for a measly amount doled out grudgingly as "reward" for exceptional acts of generosity or gallantry.

I have news for you, ladies. We don't need you for your cooking; most men can clean house themselves, when necessary; and there are laundries. Men really only want or need you for one thing, and there's a lot of it about, at prices very much more reasonable than you charge by the third year of marriage. A girlfriend won't wait for a proposal forever, but she'll typically last at least three years, delivering on a daily basis right up until the very end. A wife won't last that long.

So strictly speaking, for a man, a successful relationship is one where he gets laid often by one faithful woman but avoids commitment. In other words, happiness is being hunted. It won't last forever, but while it does, it literally does not get any better than that.
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PT, you're being sexist not just in your comment, but in the way you've unscientifically assumed that you know the gender of every commenter, based on their comment. You then use this as proof that the answers split along gender lines...

Does anyone else see the problem there?

Anyway, it appears that it takes six months of study with this guy to get anywhere at all. I don't know how expensive these courses are, but if you really just want to lose your virginity you hire a hooker and ask her to teach you. As long as you pay them for their time, they will give you some decent tips, and you'll get results a LOT faster.
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yea, PT.. you asked for it. wtf. in summary, you said women 'women are disposable objects that are cold-hearted bitches.' i'm sorry this is your perspective because it's truly unfortunate.

why does society push it into peoples' brains (both female and male) that it is ESSENTIAL to find a mate? you're considered "lonely" if you reach 30 without a spouse. girls are pressured to find their 'perfect husband,' get married, and stay at home raising kids. news flash, robocop: it's not 1956 anymore. my best friend got married at 19 and immediately popped out 2 kids. every time i talk to her, she asks me when i'm getting married and having kids. i'm only 22! considering divorce rates are what, 50% these days? wow! that makes me want to commit! but seriously-- we need to re-examine our needs and stop pressuring each other to 'find' someone. we're not THAT desperate.. are we? classes on how to get laid... for christ's sake, come on.
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I didn't comment here to offend anyone, though I expected I would. I commented in the hope of making people think. I write from a male viewpoint, I confess, but I don't repent. You can look at this kind of thing from several emotional positions. I choose to take the cold biological "what's in it for me" position because there, I believe, lies the reason for the failure rate in modern relationships. Mooncake, I understand perfectly that women are not just calculating, cold-hearted witches; they don't consciously set out to change the terms of the contract after it's been signed, and they get extremely defensive about it. But at the lizard-brain instinct level, there is a relationship-destroying problem that they can't avoid and at the same time can't perceive. I offer the authority of the BBC:
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Ouch PT, ouch. I sincerely hope that you're honest with the women you run through and that they completely understand that it's just for the sex. Otherwise, you're exactly the guy people hope their daughters don't run into.
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Pleeease tell me he is teaching these guys about boundaries (their own as well as others') along the way, and not just trying to give them some shorthanded "hacks" to get them in the door....
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Why knock PT?
He's expressed his opinion.

Why perpetuate the stereotype that women are frail, innocent little flowers, and men are sexual predators using and abusing them?

There are plenty of women who just want sex, too, who are just as superficial as the men with only one thing on their mind.
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