White People CAN Dance!

Who says white people can't dance? Or that spasm isn't a legit dance move? Here's Tecktonik, a dance craze (or is it just crazy dance) that's sweeping Europe like a brush fire... that is if brush means nerds and fire is a euphimism for seizure.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Ectoplasmosis

...oh my....

just as you might know, 99% of the non-teenager french people are ashamed of this dance/fashion/lifestyle. Especially when you bump into a group of tecktonik teenagers in the streets.

I'm just back from 4 years in hongkong, I thought it only exist in france. So I'm not a real specialist.
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I have never understood why stereotypical statements about white people is ok. If you put up a video that said "Black people are good at basketball? not always!" that showed a few blacks that sucked at basketball, people would be mad.

I just don't see the difference.
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I completely agree. Prejudice is prejudice, no matter the 'excuse'. I can't stand that double standard. Esp when people make fun of their own race, no matter which one they belong to. It's ok to like who you are. And it's ok to be upset if someone makes fun of your race.
(although, freedom of speech assures that they can do so, but it doesn't mean you have to like it or say its ok with you and smile and play along.)
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It would probably look a lot better when played with the music they danced to,

but I agree that it looks good. Could look better - probably will - and WAY more fun than watching people dry hump.
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