David Beckham Condom

Problem: poor condom sales
Solution: Bend the rules and slap on a photo of soccer star David Beckham and watch the profits roll in ...

Yes, it's true: a Chinese manufacturer named its condoms after the soccer super star (without his permission). The David Beckham condom brand is now the best-selling brand in China. I suppose everyone wants to do it like Beckham!

Although the Beckham contraceptive is not being endorsed by the former England captain himself, its makers claim that the users will score in the bedroom like David does on the pitch. (Source: Yahoo! News)

Gallery of the Absurd has a fun time imagining the design of such Beckham prophylactic: http://galleryoftheabsurd.typepad.com/14/2008/02/beckhams-chines.html

This story is ripe for jokes!

* Bend it like Beckham
* These condoms give a new meaning to dribbling balls
* Score?!

Wtf does he have wrapped around his shoulders? Is it a tiger?

Personally I'd probably prefer buying condoms with a picture of Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham on the box.
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Since they hacked the Beckham name, I'm sure the quality of the product would be quite light as well.

I wonder if they'll be a lot of little Davids in China ;)
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