What Are The Odds Of Dying From ...

The National Safety Council has compiled a morbidly fascinating statistics about the odds of dying from or being killed by a specific incident such as a lighting strike, drowning in a bathtub, cataclysmic storm and so forth:

For instance:

A lifetime odds of a person dying in a bus accident is 1 in 94,242; as a pedestrian 1 in 631, as a car occupant 1 in 247. Thinking about gun violence? The chances of you dying from assault by firearm is 1 in 324 and by sharp object 1 in 1,813 (1 in 12,121 during a legal intervention involving firearm discharge).

Link (Photo: Qole Pejorian [Flickr]) - via Miss Cellania

But... but... the gun lobbyists say we're more likely to be killed by knives than by guns!

I find it interesting that you're more likely to be shot than hit by a car. Interesting... but not surprising. (I'm guessing these are American statistics.)
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What are the odds of me dying because my head was smashed in with a hammer in my own home?

I only ask, because that is what would have happened if I hadn't owned a gun. Almost did anyway, but instead no one died that day, no one even got hurt after it was pulled out, just me before that.
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