High Flight

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Those of us of a certain age will remember seeing this late at night when some TV stations used it as their sign off. It’s from J. Alan Wall’s TV Sign-Offs, a collection of achived footage from the days when stations went off the air at night. Afterwards, you would get either static or a test pattern (two terms that you don’t hear much anymore). Link -via Fark

I'm quite young, but I still remember the static and the test patterns... of course, it wasn't here in the US (in Philippines).

I never saw any sign offs like this... this is pretty neat.
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For those who are too young to remember this type of thing: Watch the movie "Poltergiest". There is a scene when the TV rolls the end of broadcast tape and static is left on the screen.
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Nice find. It was always past my bedtime, but I remember the disappointment that there was nothing else on. Click CRRSSSSSS. . . Click CRRSSSSSS. . . Click BEEEEEEEEE. . . Click CRRRSSSSSS. . . That's it - out of options, might as well go to bed. . .
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"High Flight"

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