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Tale of Two Brains

Here is some pretty clever comedy by Mark Gungor explaining how the male brain differs from the female. It all makes sense to me now. :)

Link: Youtube

Hackneyed humor of the worst sort. So men are like one thing and women like another? Next, please explain how white people dance differently from black people.
I have to agree with Pudifoot about the use of "very unique". I am sharpening my dictionary as we speak.
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Oh come on. Even lifelong feminists like me will admit that men and women are different. That has no bearing on their inherent worth or the human rights they deserve. This is funny!
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I'm with Miiy on this. Men are different then women. If not, then we would be asexual and life would be boring with everyone being the exact same. Oh, and BTW, I don't agree with it, but it's true, white people DO dance differently than african americans. LOL :P for you Nathan!
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His delivery is hilarious. However, I for one have a well-documented capacity for doing nothing and spending time with nothing really going on upstairs. And, last I checked, I am in fact female. I hope I haven't just given away our big trade secret...
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I've never understood what was so funny about "state something obvious and make a funny noise."

Which is probably why I don't get much out of 98% of stand-up routines.
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This guy may not speak for every man and woman out there, but he's dead on about my interactions with men and women. I laughed in spite of myself. This is why most Buddhist monks are men.
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Meh not funny (and not because I think he's being sexist or anything). It's just that this has all been done before...I'm bored with it by now. I haven't really heard any good current American stand up...anyone got any suggestions? The comedians I'm into right at the moment seem to all be Irish! (Dara O'Briain, Andrew Maxwell, Dylan Moran....)
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Yeah, this is funny, Who cares if it's been done before, slightly different or dead-on? I've never seen a comedian do this exact set, but he delivered hilariously. And I agree with Bean 100%.
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It is a little funny. Maybe not rolling in the aisles, but at least he didn't have to resort to vulgarity during the clip.
Some people need to relax their sense of humour.
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wow... i couldn't even watch the whole thing. BORING!!!!! and by the way ALL buddhist monks are men. The women are known as nuns. (bhikshu and bhikshuni in sanskrit)
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