Unusual Uses of Salt

Besides making things taste salty, did you know that there are more than 14,000 uses of salt?

The Salt Institute would know, wouldn't they? Here are their tips on some common and some unusual uses of salt:

Invigorating goldfish - Occasionally add one teaspoon of salt to a quart of fresh water at room temperature and put your goldfish in for about 15 minutes. Then return them to their tank. The salt swim makes them healthier.

Deodorizing shoes - Sprinkling a little salt in canvas shoes occasionally will take up the moisture and help remove odors.

Removing tattoos -CAUTION-This is a medical procedure that can be done only by a physician. It is called salabrasion and requires several treatments by rubbing salt on the tattoo. Healing is required between treatments, but there is virtually no scarring.

Color-matching nylons - Good nylons that don't have a match can be made the same color by boiling them a few minutes in a pan of lightly salted water.

Restoring sponges - Give sponges new life by soaking them in cold saltwater after they are washed.

Keeping milk fresh - Adding a pinch of salt to milk will keep it fresh longer.

Peeling eggs - Boiling eggs in salted water will make eggs peel easily.

http://www.saltinstitute.org/29.html - via Look At This (Photo: Sgt. Pepperedjane [Flickr])

I dont know where they get their information from, but putting a goldfish (or any sweetwater fish) in saltwater is a bad idea unless you really know what youre doing. Also, it is only done in extreme cases if the fish has a disease, usually a common form of scale-fungus or parasites. There is medication for this. So dont just go dropping your fish in some kitchen salt "just to invigorate it" because most likely it will die.
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actually a little bit of salt IS good for most all scaled freshwater fish. it kills bacteria. However, you should certainly NOT use iodized table salt OR sea salt. there is special aquarium salt for that. and it's usually used at about a table spoon or so per 5 gallons.
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