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Happy St. Skeletor Day!

Bitter single people, rejoice! If the lovey-dovey Valentine's Day make you wanna puke, today's your day: St. Skeletor Day.

St Valentine of course is the patron saint of making single people feel like crap — each year, the celebration drifts further away from the celebration of love, and further towards the celebration of fluffy handcuffs, expensive flowers, thoughtless greetings cards and other tat shaped into heart shaped packaging, putting pressure on people in relationships to partake of their hard earned cash and actually buy this crap.

Simply put, St. Skeletor Day's purposes are:

1) The destruction of "lurrve"
2) The destruction of saucy greeting cards
3) The destruction of people with boyfriends/girlfriends


Ben Fowlkes at our pal Crave Online website echoes the sentiment and calls for men of the world to unite and put and end to Valentine's Day:

In the world of men, no one looks forward to Valentine’s Day. It’s stupid, and we all know it. It’s not just stupid because it was made up by candy and greeting card companies. All holidays are made up, after all. Valentine’s Day is stupid because it’s impossible to take seriously, and at the same time it’s impossible to ignore. At least, it used to be impossible to ignore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if we band together.

Somehow, a New York City lockup, a small-time rapper named Sixty Second Assassin, and a spontaneous freestyle rapping competition figured into all this!

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why does it have to be just men to ban together and get rid of valentine's day? i'm a girl and i HATE valentines day. i have a loving boyfriend of two years and we didn't celebrate it. he actually told me to tell his mom that he got me a card if she asked because she would give him a bunch of grief if i told the truth... i don't know, i've always hated valentines day, except back in the day when everybody was forced to drop a dumb little card in everybody else's decorated shoe-box. but i basically enjoyed it because i liked decorating the box...
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My girlfriend and I just use the day as a reason to go out and do something special together; we don't buy any of that crap you see in all the stores.

Also, Valentine's day was not made up by candy companies, sweetest day was, although looking at Wikipedia, that holiday may only be a regional thing.
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i feel bad for guys on valentine's day. some of the ladies really make them jump through the hoop o' fire. ladies, if you love your guy - give him the gift of not having to figure out what in the hell it is you want from him on Valentine's Day.
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When I hear people complaining about how horrible Valentines Day is I usually superimpose a voice like Skeletor onto them for the duration of the whine session.

It makes life more amusing.
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