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Super Sprayer

Featured in a previous post, artist Brandon McConnell uses cans of spray paint along with a cooking pot's lid and a few pages torn from a magazine to create this breathtaking piece of art. More from him on his website.

Link: Spacepaintings
Video: Youtube

I just got back from Mexico and there were a ton of street artists throughout Playa Del Carmen who did this exact thing. Can't imagine the EPA would approve of all the aerosol cans.
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There was a guy using a similar technique in Vegas and the fumes were unbelievable even yards away. Like this guy, the artist I watched had no protective gear, no gloves, no mask. I can't even imagine the state of his lungs.
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While cool, I saw this on the street in London many, many years ago... then again in Paris several times, New York, Chicago, etc.

This is not new or unique, regardless of how interesting it may be.
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I was gonna say what everyone else already said. First, get a mask and second, I've seen this kind of painting done many, many times in open-air touristy spots where street performers and the like tend to congregate. No, it's not unique and it's not innovative either. I know I could never make one, but how difficult could those paintings be to make if street hustlers are able to churn out a bunch each day?
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I really don't feel like this is art. Art asks questions, pushes boundaries, and provokes thought. This is like kitschy tourist memorabilia.
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I agree with "mark". It's kitch. It's not impressive. The show he puts on in creating it is certainly fun so it might have some interest as performance art, but nothing he's doing is all that interesting or even very difficult.
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Yeah, I'm an amateur spray paint artist myself, and one of the first things that I tried out was this. It's not that hard. However, if he moved away from just planets (which is what his site mainly consists of) and used more stencils and different materials such as other paints, charcoals, pencils, etc. he might go somewhere. But this is pretty easy to do.
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There was a guy just like this in Austin for about 7 or 8 years (possibly longer) that did it outside a tattoo shop on 6th street. It was novel the first time I saw it, but then it became a real pain in the ass every time I would take a friend to 6th to go drinking. We'd have to sit there for 12-15 minutes watching some space painting come together with the rest of the tourists... gak.
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Cool! At least it's not yet another musical reproduction of super mario brothers, on common household items rescued from the salvation army dumpster, part eighteen. Very talented.
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Um, there is no evidence I know of to link aerosol fumes to lung cancer. Indeed aerosol delivery is one of the hotly researched methods of delivering potential cancer cures.

I fall in the 'so what if it's easy or old, it's still cool' camp. I don't agree with you Mark (12), who says art has to be any of those things?
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lots of people do this, not such a big deal, if your not a tourist. Good way to make money though. And even if he is outside he should still definitely wear a mask, even if just the ones that cover your mouth, they cost like 2$.
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Cody Marx Bailey:

I saw that guy in Austin, and yes I was a touristy type and yes, I bought a painting. He did a sailing ship in front of planet in blue, white black and silver if I remember right.It was the first time I'd seen it done and found it interesting at the time. I kept the painting only a short time, because we'd made the mistake of rolling it into a tube before it was fully dry. It stuck to itself a bit and was slightly damaged on unrolling at home.

Thanks for bringing back up that memory...
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