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All-in-One Chicken Nugget and Soda Cup

Korean fast food chain BBQ Chicken has introduced the Col-Pop, a cup that holds both food and drink. The lower part of the cup holds soda, with an attached straw. The upper part holds chicken nuggets (and other foods in South Korean restaurants). This innovation could make eating while walking or driving easier, if not safer. BBQ Chicken has outlets in New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina. -via Geek Like Me

Americans need their full 64 oz of soda so designing a cup to hold other foodstuff wouldn't work without impinging on their soda pop.

That's why American cars can hold a super big gulp...
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I don't know how it would make eating any safer in a car especially with solid foods like nuggets on the top. You still have to lift the cup and tilt your head upwards to drop the food into your mouth, an unnecessary and unsafe distraction on the road. All it takes is a millisecond and potential tragedy. I mean, it's not like you can suck a nugget through a straw.
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I think the point of it was picking the nuggets out with your hand Geekazoidd. You could still say its dangerious, but so it picking up a normal cup tbh.
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It doesn't look like there is much room for nuggets in the top of the cup. But whatever. Fast food is mostly about packaging gimmicks anyway.
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Andi, remember what hot air does? And what does cold air do? :P

That is unless it's filled up to the top with soda. Then it's just meant to be enjoyed quickly I guess.
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Ahhh, just what I've been waiting for. Finally I can mix the aromatic, savory blend of BBQ chicken with the icy cool flavour of Coke, all in one easy package. It really is the year 2008.
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considering fast food was concieved by we charming Americans, and only we could coin the term "chicken nugget," I would assume it's a chain that we so charmingly brought overseas. Thanks corporate America for your ethical practices!

for real though. i don't believe companies look into the long-term effects of products before they bring them out. the only thing they think about is "will this product be profitable". it's really sad that they would rather exploit our weaknesses to make the big bucks than offer something we would actually need.
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Truly fast food would be blending the suckers together and putting it in a nice mini dixie cup. No muss no fuss. Hey, it all mixes in the stomach anyway.
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I spent some time not too long ago in South Korea and whilst there, ate most meals (we worked a lot of hours) at the large cafeteria of the company we were visiting. It was interesting to me that none of the Koreans that I could see (big cafeteria... hundreds of people) drank ANYTHING (not even water!) with their meals. Instead, after finishing, on the way out of the building, they would stop at a green tea dispenser (room temperature), swig a small mug while still standing and then pour themselves a shot or 2 of plum juice from another spigot to top off the meal. Everybody did the same thing every day, every meal.

Fortunately, our gracious hosts recognized that our eating habits were a little different, so they always purchased bottled water in advance for us so we could have it with our meals. Quite a neato experience, all in all.
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I don't eat fast food, but I know someone who eats a LOT of it and here's what went through my mind when I read this:
She's sitting in the car driving down the freeway with two yelling kids in the backseat and most likely she's on the phone at the same time. She isn't really paying attention and grabs her drink cup to take a sip and when she tips the cup up to drink from the bottom she gets a face full of steaming hot -insert fried food and/or spicy sauce- drops the cup of soda all over herself and wrecks the car. Equal portions irresponsible driver and bad packaging, but you know it will happen. Heck, what if the cup is full of coffee or other hot beverages, even worse. Besides this package is designed to cheat you out of your money and food. You're clearly getting a much smaller portion of the drink and food and you know the price won't drop to match the loss of product. Just another reason to eat real food.
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I think it would be better if the two items were the same temperature. Say for instance a smoothie and apples,juice and yogurt or maybe even pastery and coffee.. This idea as it is is idiotic, the food will be cold in a matter of 2 min or so.
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This sounds like a pretty good idea. As a student, it was a little cumbersome walking around campus juggling a soda and a bag of fast food -- you can smell it, but since you've got the soda in one hand you can't really eat it until you've found a place to park. Around lunch time, almost everywhere is crowded. It would have been nice to have only one hand occupied while the other opens doors, snacks on nuggets or what-have-you.
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Why don't they spend their time designing useful food packaging instead of something that's going to cost them a lot of money for no good reason? All I ask is a fry container that keeps fries from getting cold and soggy/stale within 15 minutes, and I get this abomination instead.
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Good idea - the two cups must be very well insulated, but it seems they've managed to work that out while still keeping the cost down. But now I can throw in the obligatory Fat American joke about how this wouldn't work in America since upscaling it for American portion sizes would mean it would be too big to hold in one hand.
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