The Walk Along Glider

This Walkalong glider is controlled by the air your body moves, but at first it looks just like magic! It was invented by Tyler MacCready, who was 10 years old at the time.

Link [LiveLeak] - via Sanity Factory

I've seen this before, and it sounds like fun to do. But there's only one beginner design on the internet (that I can find at least), so you can only do so much...
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I have 4 or 5 of these things. When I purchased them it was for a museum program I was doing. The company quit making them and I bought all they had left in stock. So if anyone would one of these I am selling. If there is interest I will post them on Craig's list. Tyler whom I have met is a super smart very nice guy.
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Is it AIR as they mention, or THERMALS? Sure you can divert air upwards with a flat hand as Alda starts out doing, but if you're standing under it and controlling it with a bald pate, surely it's the thermals coming off your dome. In which case, the less hair the better!

Also, shame that the end shot with the wistful music and soppy closing is a plane slowly crashing.
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anytime I see Alda now I can't shake the weird version of him that recurs in the Peter Serafinowicz show

there's a bit of him in this clip I think:
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These are very light model gliders, lighter than standard paper airplanes (but there is a paper design called a tumblewing). The gliders can be flown indoors and need still air to work well.
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Thumbs up to amberae 12

That was the first thing I thought, I wanna buy 20 for all the nieces and nephews (and me :), friends kids, etc.

What a grouse toy!

Where can I buy one in Melb, Oz, hmmmm.
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