Laser-Etched Meat

Photo: mleak [Flickr]

Photo: mleak [Flickr]

Carnegie Mellon University art student and Flickr user mleak is working on a project called From Whence It Came which involves etching processed lunch meat with a laser cutter:

These are my testers for a project I'm working on using processed lunch meats etched with a laser cutter. Ultimately, I would like to show the entire process from animal to ambiguous pink slice of meat over the course of a package of lunch meat, beginning here with bologna. This neat packaged disc of food has always seemed so far removed from its source.

Link [Flickr] - via Make, thanks Adam Fuhrer!

Oh, and that's not all: in her Atkins Nightmare project, mleak set out to create an all-carb sandwich complete with laser-etched fixings!

Photo: mleak [Flickr]

That could be interesting if you did a bunch of slices of bologna etched with cross sections of pig (is bologna made from pig?) and then displayed it like that famous art piece (was that Damien Hirst or someone else?)

Interesting statement...etc...
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There's great potential in the body mod field as well, custom design scarification without the need for either branding or cutting into the skin. The trick of course is to find the right setting for optimal scarring.

I saw a guy who tried it on his nail which was pretty interesting too.
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che schifo!
funny but disgusting!!
Bologna!!! tze!
you don't know what is bologna!
I hope someone translate it for you.

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