Why We Shiver When Peeing

Fess up: you've always wondered why you sometimes shiver when peeing. Well, thanks to science, this oft-silently wondered but seldom asked aloud mystery is now solved:

The [phenomenon of pee shivers] is an example of the human body's autonomic nervous system (ANS) at work.

We are not conscious of the ANS. It runs on automatic, hence its name, "autonomic", which literally means "self controlling, working independently". The urination reflex is relayed through the ANS. The reflex is directly related in strength to the amount of stretch of the bladder. Thus, the degree of shivering is generally related to how full the bladder is at the time of urination.


omg my gf and i were just wondering about this! it seems to happen most when we've tried to 'hold it' a long time. it's just a single shudder. maybe it's a girl thing?
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My ex used to always talk about "piss shivers" and I never knew what he was talking about... and never heard it from any other source until today. So he was crazy, just not as crazy as I thought!
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My husband and I have experienced this. We call it the "Piss Willies" Is ANS also what causes goose bumps after a sneeze? FYI: I hear if you sneeze with your eyes open they will come flying out. HA!! Not really but sounded cool. Piss willies RULE!! Have sex then pee, you'll get the piss willies. hhhhhhburrrr (shake)
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From the article: ...[T]here is a slight blood pressure rise and a momentary flushing or euphoria shortly after relaxing the urethral sphincter. Some find this feeling pleasurable. Indeed. From personal experience, I can tell you that this effect (post-micturation convulsion) can be exacerbated under certain physiological conditions.

After taking a medication for several months that caused polyuria (excessive urination) as a side effect, I found that going pee-pee had all of a sudden become a nearly orgasmic experience!

Of course, the polyuria itself was pretty annoying, so an adjustment in dosage put an end to all the, um, fun.
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its funny cuz it has happened to me my whole life, no matter it i have to pee alittle or if i held it for while, i always had the shivers after i peed, it is alil orgasmic but never made me O after a piss, im glad im not alon on this
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