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My Currency's Better Than Yours.

"MY CURRENCY'S BETTER THAN YOURS", this tee-shirt is a collaboration between Fahrenheit Prod and Bastard Graphics. A fun tee-shirt for Europeans, Canadians and all those with a strong currency. Photos by Rémi Ferrante.

Doesnt matter how weak our money is, Europeans still pay much higher prices for nearly Everything in thier own countries than we do here in the US.
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The stuff (clothing/food) in Canada is more expensive than in the States despite the strength of currency. For the last several years, I've been skipping the border every month or so to go shopping : )
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The truth is, America has the buying power of a few hundred million people. The entire country of canada has the buying power of the state of California....

Things in canada will never be cheaper than the US

As a retail worker in canada i can say for sure its cheaper in the states. but if you get caught your paying taxes on your way back into the country.
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List of countries by highest GDP:

1.) USA - 13m
2.) Japan - 4m
3.) Germany - 3m
4.) China - 3m
5.) UK - 2m
6.) France - 2m
7.) Italy - 2m
8.) Canada - 1m

What does this mean you say?

It says that you might beat us at health care, or bad movies, or complaining - but you will never, in a THOUSAND years, beat our economy.
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That woman has the worst Chav fashion sense. It's like having a trailer park loser getting in someone's face. Please, HAVE your freaking currency if it means we don't get those "on the dole" sunglasses.
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I know this is lacking in "national pride" but I prefer dollars to pounds. They seem more like money somehow. Probably because in all media the international currency is shown as being green and the sign for money as $. When I was in America last we did a tour of Washington D.C, Boston and New York and one of our tour guides was telling us about how the money is made. Apparently a small percent of every dollar is made of linen, which is why it's less paper like and not as stiff as most other countries.
Also, as far as I can tell, American dollars are the only currency which have a smell ^_^
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Jerse >> At least Europe has been around for a thousand years. ;-)

Anyways, the $-design is a 100 times better than the east-german looking Euro notes. I am so glad that we kept our danish kroners.
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Always funny

Compare like for like, GDP PER CAPITA or by Currency.. USA is 9th or 10th in the world per capita and lower than EU by currency so this joke stands.

The strength of your economy compared to others is why America is the brunt of this and other jokes, not how many crap wobbly American planet killing cars you can pump out because your fat arse broke the last one within a year

Peace and love USA, as long as you're not bombing people you're a bit like the odd cousin who, despite being slightly retarded, somehow became really rich.

But still no-one can stand a conversation with for more than 5 minutes because you keep scratching your balls and picking your nose
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I don't really care how big the GDP is in the US. You've got a large population of poor people, no universal health care AND a looming health care crisis (thanks to the obesity rate), and people defaulting on their mortgages and losing their homes... all despite your big GDP.

It's like bragging you have a big penis... and yet not knowing how to use it properly.
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Actually the GDP published on my blog are compared based on purchase power parity so without any currency effects (such as the strong Euro for example).
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I'm Brazilian and I have lived in America and in Europe before. I'm not surprised at all about most of the European comments here. During the time I lived in Europe there wasn't a day I didn't hear someone talk s*** about the US. You know, Europeans are all smart, thin, polite and peace loving, just like the "Dan" guy in this comment section.
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