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Shark Hunting Seal Photos by Chris Fellows

Photo: Chris Fellows

Wildlife photographer Chris Fellows spends half of each year waiting off the coast of South Africa to capture some amazing photos of sharks hunting its prey:

"The sharks feed on young seals when they are attempting to return to Seal Island after a few days out feeding," Mr Fellows said. "The sharks will bite the seal, typically in half in the first go, and then come round and pick the other half up. It is all on the surface and it happens in a few minutes."

Mr Fellows added: "When children see a shark eat a seal they feel sorry for the seal, but it's like a lion catching a zebra - it's a natural phenomenon.

"To see a perfectly streamlined great white slowly cruising in clear water with shafts of light bouncing off its back is like watching a sports car effortlessly cruise past you on the freeway. It is just one of those moments that makes you appreciate a beautiful creation."

Link - Thanks Freshome!

I love this quote...

'Mr Fellows added: "When children see a shark eat a seal they feel sorry for the seal, but it’s like a lion catching a zebra - it’s a natural phenomenon.'

Oh, OK. None of us (especially adults) feel sympathy for zebras being devoured, so why should we feel anything for seals!

Stunning photos, but I think Nature is often an ugly thing.
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I was excited for a second reading the headline, which
I mistakenly read as "shark-hunting seal photos."

Blood-thirsty seals hell-bent on revenge!

I can respect the idea of appreciating the evolutionary wonder that is the Great White and all but I don't really get all that turned on by watching animals kill one-another. Of curse, I'm not turned on much by sports cars either. I agree it's incredible to watch but no more so than slow-mo footage of my dog ravaged by a mountain lion, or a raccoon getting hit by a car for that matter.
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I can't imagine taking a photograph like this! Regardless of how you feel about nature, I think we can all appreciate the majesty of this picture.
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@Jenny K. I don't really see the majesty but I do appreciate the fucking scariness of this picture. Jesus, I hate sharks.

Now that I think about it I hate sharks even more than I originally thought.
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Nothing shows of evolutionary traits better then the need to survive. This is why I love to see predators and prey in action. They are both doing what they do purely for survival. I would feel sorry for the seal but I watched planet earth last night and saw a fur- seal rip a penguins neck apart. Disney say it best. The Circle of Life.
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oh VonSkippy has his extra caustic cap on today! Not a big fan of Japanese whale "research" are you? Or is it just their disingenuousness about their activity?
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Chris you take amazing pictures. Both my wife and I cant wait to come back to cape town and go out with you and wife again . There is nothing like the smell of seal island at 5:30 am :)

To anyone who has not seen this in person it is a amazing feat to see a white shark lauch out of the air it is amazing.
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After watching "Air Jaws II: Even Higher" on Discovery on Demand I was amazed at Chris's natural ability to photograph these incredible creatures, created by God as magnificent machines and awesome hunters. I hope Chris and his team continue to document these wondrous, beautiful underwater marvels.
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