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U.S. Pizza Styles

Slice - a "weblog about America's favorite crusty, saucy, cheesy meal; pizza" - has put together a list of different styles of pizza offered around the United States.

What's your favorite?


new haven all the way, i'm so psyched to see it listed. the crust is thin and crisp, and substantial enough to hold all sorts of toppings. i hated living there, but sure miss the pizza
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Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (well, OK it's Parsippany, really), NJ does a *perfect* NY Neapolitan. The atmosphere sucks, the service is fair at best, good luck getting a seat if it's busy and you aren't a regular (they seriously play favorites with seating), and the pizza is expensive. But IS to die for. Go at lunch (less crowded) or order it for take out and rob a bank on the way to pick it up. It will be worth every penny and the risk of lifelong incarceration.
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I Always liked the Gas Station pizza variation in Michigan.

North of Cadillac any mom and pop gas station near a major highway will have square nearly deep dish but with no side crust done in a sheet pan. Always has lot of cheese lot of sauce and almost always has sausage.

The article mentions Rhode Island intenting the grilled pizza but there is also a Second Pizza Variation from Rhode Island.

In Rhode Island the small shops and bakeries sell "Pizza Strips".

Imagine a long square of pizza the dimensions of a dollar bill except maybe two inches longer. The crust is rubbed heavily in olive oil and maybe rosemary. There is a thick generous layer of chunky tomato sauce with basil baked into the top of the bread and ....... that's it!!....they are usually cooled or only slightly warm and individually wrapped in cellophane. Eaten cold or at room temp fresh or taken back to work to microwave.

This has got to be the simplest most basic pizza i've encountered. In fact "pizza shops" mostly don't think to offer this variation only convenience stores and bakeries. Ronzios in Cumberland, RI is the only pizza place exception I've seen and it was only that specific location of the local chain.

As for my favorite....I like the huge Chicago style pizzas that you get in the small farming towns outside the chigagoland area. there is always some place in a small town that is famous for their portions and heaping it on.
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In case i didn't clarify, the Rhode Island Pizza Strip doesn't have any cheese or other toppings. It is just bread and tomato sauce.
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Chicago Deep Dish or Stuffed is too good to neglect here. I like a thin crust like everybody else, but when you're hungry and having company, you can't miss with Lou's, Edwardo's, hell even Glenview's own Goode & Fresh Pizza Bakery (or The Pizza Bakery as locals in that northern 'burb call it) is fantastic eats.
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St. Louis style pizza is where it's at. It even has it's own kind of cheese, provel, which is deliciously gooey.

Lou Boccardi's on the hill has a great pizza. Rossino's was the best though.
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The best pizza I've ever had was the Boulevard from Maria's in Pasadena, CA. It just hit all the right notes with me. I'd fly to the US again to eat one haha.
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IDAVE -- I grew up in RI. Pizza strips (aka party pizza) are simply the best!!!

To elaborate some more -- they are served room temperature or cold (never warm) and can be found at any Italian bakery in RI (and believe me, there are plenty of Italian bakeries there!). We always had them at birthday parties as a kid. There is nothing like it. Mmmmm...

Caserta's Pizza in Providence is fantastic - it's a thicker pizza, made in a recangular shape, and you have to ask for cheese as a topping. They only have a few toppings too - sausage and pepperoni. Ask for it well-done.

I went to school in NYC - I must admit that there is nothing like a good slice of pie from Ben's Pizza.
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