Alaska Wants to Stay Out

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Alaska also knows that if she argues enough, she’ll get what she wants. -via Arbroath

I have to say that was the very first cat that I thought was a little midget lion. The profile was uncanny! :0 Although, instead of meowing/roaring it mewed like a lamb. ;)
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Eh.. To me, it seems a clear cut case of "Understand english, you damn feline!". Which is why I - looking at the clip from the deranged cat owner angle - loved the ending, where she gives her cat a number of minutes in which to comply. My oh my.
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Our two cats hate me. She yells at me like that and tosses dishes on the floor like she's an angry drunk during a bar fight. I seriously think she's possessed. The other cat opens and slams cabinet doors with her paw. She only screams after she's done eating.

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People would say that they've never seen anything like this before...well, I can assure you Neatorama readers that my female cat does the exact same thing. It is so unique and I get chills each time she talks.

Here's a pic of her for those interested:

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@mack (#11) - EXACTLY! after the "10 more minutes" part i knew this woman would make a horrible parent, in terms of boundaries and behavior. recipe for spoiled, wild, rotten kids, and exhausted, powerless parent.
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That lucky cat has got quite a nice little kitty house - I can see why she doesn't want to go inside.

Actually, if we could translate those meows into English I'm sure they'd go something like this:

"Look, I can't understand a word you're saying. Are you going to feed me now?"
"Food! Do you have some food?"
"Stop teasing, where's the food."
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awww so precious, both kitty and her owner. AND PLS you dolts who are making this lady out to be a bad parent... get a life, she is doing this to show us her kitty chat.
I love this kitty, and it does look like a lion, esp when it turns to the side.
Is it a lilac siamese?
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Cat: *embrace nature* *bask* *one with universe*
enter noisy human:
" asdkjdlkjf alezsk alsdkfjwejf alskdfja "
Cat: *noise breaking peace* *Detect via scent that human wants something. Maybe noise in return?* *returns noise back to human*
"meow meow..prrt rawel mrrr*
Human: "Asdkjqkjw! asldkwehjn @ejl234892n 23j9dgg!!!"
Cat: *detect emotion of human. estimate that noise emination is working. Continue noise and human will leave me alone*
"meow....meow *sigh*...mew mew..meow"

Human: "asdkjwklj 10 lkasjdfje!" *goes away*
Cat: *ponder for a second what the heck that was all about, return to being one with universe*
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Embracing nature is fun when encased in plastic.

Honestly, cats aren't being one with anything, but you got the 'bask' part right. he's just being comfortable and lazy. That's what cats do!
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@ comment 16 by aware. I think it's pretty clear that you are a complete moron. There's a tip, arse-wipe, before you go and write some nasty comment about a person you have never even met and their presumed skills as a parent, you should have a sit down with your own unfortunate mother - who clearly did a pretty crap job by raising an obnoxious, bitter little moron like yourself! Do the world a favour and get yourself neutered!

I thought this video was fantastic.
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