Would You Eat Your Friend if Trapped in a Blizzard?

Today, I learned something about myself that is a little disturbing.

See, I took a short little quiz at Just Say Hi, and found out that you really don't want to be trapped with me in a blizzard... (Yumm!)

http://www.justsayhi.com/bb/view2/eat_buddies - Thanks Uw Moeder!

Chances are I'd get eaten. I could never eat another human, no matter how hungry.
And, to top it off, I don't mind the hallucinations that come from malnutrition.
I'll just try to go off to the woods and die quietly before I get eaten by another human.
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i've often said that my cute and cuddly jack russells would not hesitate after a few days, perhaps a week, would eat me if i lay dead and no one came to rescue them. at the heart of it, man or beast, we're programmed for survival
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Damn Alex and I thought I was pretty extreme with my 61%. How did you manage to get 83%?

Let me guess, You would eat human flesh even if you weren't starving! :)
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I wouldn't put any stock in the results. You have the power to make your own choices, and they aren't predetermined by some test. Still, it's kinda amusing, but nothing more.
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48%. It's a tossup. Generally, I would only eat them if they died of natural causes first, or if I killed them in self defense (ie they tried to kill and eat me).

Being the only one with significant fat, I'd outlast them.
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If I did this test with my co-workers in mind, rather than close friends, the percentage of likelihood of me eating humans would be much higher.
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I would eat my friend I will kill them eat them even there butts. I did once I invited one over for a sleep over and when he fell asleep I striped him nakid with help of my sister. Woke him up and found himself nakid in a pan about to be cooked. But then I fliped him on his belly so I could put ingredients on his butt and then I striped my sister put her on top of my other friend. So them my nakid sister and my nakid friend was cooked by me to getter and then I ate him and her. Both of there butts tasted really good. But my friends stomic was the best
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