rabbit: A Short Film by Run Wrake

[YouTube Link] A surreal short film by Run Wrake presenting an allegory about human greed.  Artistically, the film is modeled after early 20th Century children's early readers.  8 minutes, 20 seconds long.

That's just really creepy and weird. And quite worrying, considering the main characters are children. I understand the greed thing, but its still really strange.
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Oooh I liked the style and subject of this. pretty neat.

For some reason it reminded me of an old Aeon Flux (the cartoon)episode. In the episode a Deity arrives and can change things to be more transcendent (guess thats the word I'm thinking of). It changes a bird into a "enlightened" version (prettier, glowing etc), and a bullet into gems.
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The use of children, I think, presented an Augustinian view of Original Sin -- that even children are born not innocent, but totally depraved.

If I had a projector at my church, I'd use it as a sermon illustration.
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Allegory or animators with latent pre-serialkiller tendencies???

Typical of the attitude of the Internet generation unfortunately..... perhaps they should consider some therapy.
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I have seen this before and consider it to be one of the gems of the Internet. A childish view of greed and its consequences. While I am tempted to over analyze, a piece of art such as this can stand or fall on its own.
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Let me explain this for the people who don't get it:

The girl sees a pretty rabbit, and thinks it would make a nice muff. So she, with the help of her friend (or brother, not sure). When they kill it by cutting it open, flies and a satan-like dude some out. As a reward for their evil-doing he zaps the flies into jewels. Then he goes into the kitchen and finds some jam. He likes jam, and zaps some more flies into jewels. The next part I don't q
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I've seen this video before on a couple of different sites and I'm pretty sure the actual title is Rabbits and the Idol. Might want to check into that one...
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The kids got the right idea, they just ran into some logistics problem (and who hasn't run into those?)

A fantastic concept though - overall, a very neat film.
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