Ships were powered by the wind for centuries, and those days may be returning! The MS Beluga, a 462ft cargo vessel, will leave Germany on Tuesday for a voyage to Venezuela. During the trip, the crew will deploy a SkySail, a 160 square meter kite which will ride the wind 600 feet up. Its inventor, Stephan Wrage, believes the use of SkySail can cut diesel consumption by 20%, which will save £800 (about $1600) a day. Link -via reddit

More seriously : in the 70's Cousteau invented the Turbosail, which was said to be installed on all cargo's due to fuel economy. Ir was not.
Well, maybe with a 100 bucks a barrel, the ship companies will have a look at it.
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I saw something once in Alaska where this fisherman used a sail like that but smaller and not in the sky but in the river, to harness the current. I guess it works very nicely.
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