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"Angels We Have Heard on High" Played on a Piece of Broccoli

This guy has lots of vegetables to play with. See the carrot pan flute at Kuromi

Brilliantly absurd. I was just trying to imagine being at a dinner party, and one of my friends blowing an enchanting song through a broccoli floret. HA! It must be hard to carve the whistling part. I did it out of clay before, and you got to get it juuust right.
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maybe if more of the japanese were making and playing beautiful broccoli-like orcanias the fishermen would be so busy making awesome music they wouldn't be out hunting whales and slaughtering dolphins.
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You know, it sounded a lot better than I thought it would. I clicked on the video expecting to hear some sort of kazoo-like sound, but that actually mimicked a recorder quite well.
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I've listened to a couple of his other vegetable creations and the broccoli definitely has the best sound -- but they're all amazing. The great thing about it is that it really is musical.
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kid icarus, congratulations. Your comment was the most ignorant one I've read this year. Douchebag.

I thought that this was great! Wonder how long it took him to get it in tune.
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The year's just beginning, biltmore.

The music was nice, but it's kind of obscene-looking to watch him play it. I think it's the look in his eyes.

It's the shape and holes that matter more than the material, if you're just building a simple recorder.

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from the first 25 seconds of the video that guy could have told me he built a damn time machine out of that broccoli and I would have believed him.
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@ biltmore:

you've obviously not been reading a lot of the comments in various postings.

and fyi,

my point is if they were playing broccoli orcanias/flutes then there'd be no time to kill endangered whales and slaughter dolphins. the comment was directed towards the fishermen not the japanese people as a whole. it was meant to be in a similar vain as "make love not war"......
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No, you're ignorant. The reasoning for bringing up that point makes you look like a green peace or peta drone. Why don't you go make a "save the animals" poster and feebly attempt to save the world.
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@ kid icarus

You still sound the most ignorant. You're a disgrace to people who care about animals and the environment. It's people like you who make even laid back treehuggers like myself cringe.
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Also- I think this is terribly amazing. This guy is very talented.

(I'm not coming back to see if anyone decided to reply to me. I've said all that I need to say.)
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kid icarus: take note that no one will ever click those links, most people aren't really worried that the orientals are hungry enough to hunt whales, its not like they have enough land to farm on.

Oh, and how in the hell did you see guy playing broccoli and think whales? oh thats right, you didn't, you saw an oriental guy and immediately stereotyped him as whale killer... wow, racist tree hugger, hug the tree, not the human

also take note: you just got told by a 13 year old

Anyway, ya, hilarious, i wanna see a tutorial too
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Indeed... I agree entirely. It's good to see other kids talking like that instead of talking like idiots XD.

Heh and I know you won't believe this, but oh well...
I'm 12 myself :)
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My.....this is freaking awesome!I've tried to make a makeshift recorder before and failed epicly! I wonder how long the broco-flute will last....

And good job chidlers!! I would've said the same.
Since were all giving out our 14!
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