PETA Requests Vegetarian Diet in Jail for Cannibalism Suspect

PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) has requested the man accused of murdering his girlfriend and possibly participating in cannibalism be placed on a vegetarian diet to keep him from being "involved in any senseless killing" while incarcerated.

Yes, I know this guys actions are not neat and the whole thing is very disturbing. But I thought the whole premise of PETA being involved in this would spark some interesting discussion.
The question I pose is this... Is there, in some peoples minds, a correlation between eating meat and this guys horrible actions?

Link (Photo: Jaime R. Carrero)

PETA knows what they are doing. This is a publicity stunt on their side to show that killing and eating a person and killing and eating an animal (when other food is readily available) are equally disturbing and vicious acts. Of course, no one will buy this.

I personally think that enslaving animals and eating them when there is no need to do so is wrong and vile. Yet I think PETA is one of the most incompetent groups I have ever seen. This is just another of their bad choices. They continually do a disservice to their very cause with bullshit like this. It's a shame.
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I'm not sure if someone has come up with this term first but I'm going to say PETA Giuliani'd this one. I mean, it's totally acceptable to exploit tragedies, right?
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It would only be a connection if you've based your life philosophy on being a hypocrite with no grounding in reality. It's nice to hear people in one of the richest countries in the world telling the rest of the world how to eat and act. I think that if you stripped away all the luxury goods of a post-industrialized consumer based society like this one any moron mindlessly repeating the PETA tagline would understand that the natural world is a dog eat dog playground.

I'm passionate about preventing cruelty to animals. It's not right for a human to impose needless harm or neglect upon an animal who often has no choice about their circumstances. I help my mother with her rescue organization so I've seen a fair amount of horrible stuff done to animals. It enrages me and I've confronted the people responsible for it, barely able to keep myself in check from physically lashing out in my own anger. No one who volunteers for my mom likes PETA, and a lot of other true animal lovers do not like PETA.

But .... feeding a cannibal a vegetarian diet? I don't think it would make a difference in helping this alleged cannibal in curbing his cravings. Maybe it's just supposed to make us feel better. Besides, if PETA was serious about this whole "needless killing" line of bullshit, then why don't they ask that all murderers have a sentence of mandatory vegetarianism?
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Penn & Teller nailed it exactly when they described PETA as a cult. And as Eric Hoffer pointed out in "The True Believer," cults *need* to say literally insane, impossible things, as a method of keeping their members isolated from the real world.

While this kind of publicity stunt can be a valuable recruiting tool for a cult, the main audience for it isn't the public, it's their own members.
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I'm a vegetarian and into animal rights, but PETA is a joke. They come from very insular white middle class backgrounds and don't seem to care that not everyone can understand them. More than anything, I hate preachiness that turns people off, it's a disservice.
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@Todd: Godwin didn't say that invoking Hitler ended the discussion, Godwin said that Hitler would eventually be invoked.

Personally I think they should give him a vegetarian diet if he requests it, but forcing one on him, especially before trial and without medical necessity should be illegal if it isn't already -- unless that's the only diet the jail uses.
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I don't think there is a correlation between eating meat and cannibalism. We are programmed not to regard human flesh as desirable for food-- it would take a seriously messed up person to want to eat another human. I don't think it would make any difference whether or not they were a vegetarian, because i don't think meat-eaters are any more messed up than vegetarians, in general.
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There have been other cultures that were cannibalistic, so this guy isn't the first to eat another human. And as far as eating animal protein, who knows how many people would actually eat meat if they had to kill and butcher it themselves? What this guy did was unthinkable... but there are a lot of meat-eaters out there who would probably forego their Big Macs if they had to actually kill the cow themselves.

If this guy really likes meat, then a vegetarian diet might be a suitable punishment (along with keeping him far away from the rest of society, of course).
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If this guy is really into eating people, then feeding him salads is more likely to make him crave meat than calm him.

"Probably everything we do is a publicity stunt...We are not here to gather members, to please, to placate, to make friends. We're here to hold
the radical line."

Ingrid Newkirk - Founder, PETA
USA Today, September 3, 1991
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Of course there's a correlation. He killed living, feeling, thinking animals to eat. Animals called "people." When you eat "meat", as you like to say to distance yourself from your act, you are doing the same thing. The difference is that in YOUR case, you are eating the defenseless innocents who have no real chance of defending themselves from you either with regard to their deaths, or even in the legal sense.

Most humans spend a lot of time pretending they are different from other animals in a way that gives them the innate right to kill, enslave, and otherwise abuse the non-humans. It isn't so. It was never so. It is just an act of cowardice.
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I don't think there is any correlation between eating meat and cannibalism. That's like saying watching "Silence of the Lambs" makes you want to be a cannibal.

Most Americans get completely skwiked if you offer them organ meat (mmmmm, liver); never mind that a good deal of the world considers organs perfectly viable food.
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@Ben (20)

So what you're saying is that Lions, Crocodiles and other predatory animals (sorry innocent non-humans) are cowards too?

Have you ever even visited a zoo before or seen a documentary and watched the unnatural, cowardly, abuse of wilderbeast and gazelles at the paws of predators?

I would argue strongly that eating meat is natural- however as humans we do have an advantage over most of our non-human friends... and of course as spiritual beings we have the capacity to be unnecessarily cruel.
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lol (of agreement) @ Alex Fear.

I don't understand my someone would want to be a cannibal, anyhow. I'd imagine humans were so full of toxic crap (perservatives, etc) due to our died that'd we'd taste horrible. Well... vegans might infact be 'tasty' if they grew all their own stuff and it was organic, etc.. but i'd rather not find out.
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If you were going to eat vegans, though, you'd have to get them when they're young. I would say children that haven't moved around a lot - otherwise, they'd be tough.

Milk-fed, swaddled to restrict movement, kept in a cage maybe.

Mmmmmmmm...soylent green....
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@ Ben

Do us a favor, go to a country where you can experience real hunger. Where not even water is an option. When you don't have your precious organically grown microwave ready vegan meals from Whole Foods and I'm sure you'll be changing your tune.

Most people do not spend their time pretending to be better or different then other animals so as to justify our consumption of them. The only people doing that are the vegans who act holier-than-thou thrusting every animal onto a pedestal. They love to shove their personal life choice down the rest of the world's throat. It's a justification for their inability to accept the natural world as it is.

Nature is not a big happy drum circle. A tiger isn't going to lick your hand and sing you a song because you set it free, it's far more likely to maul you. A bear isn't going to cuddle a salmon and enjoy a big bowl of tofu just because you can't understand that in nature - some animals eat other animals.
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man this place is full of retards!
one of the only things good said here was by ben.
wake up beeotchs, we are all one. it is way worse to eat a defenseless animal than to eat a human. we're killing and eating our brothers and sisters, and will never reach the next stage of evolution untill we stop.
animal liberation!!!
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