Say It Ain't So, Hanan!

Hanan Levin of Grow-a-brain is thinking of calling it quits and shutting down his blog:

This weekend, Grow-a-brain passed the 12 million hits mark, according to its stats counter. Since February of 2003 I’ve been consistently posting to it every single day, searching & sharing many thousands of links with a large, but mostly anonymous audience.

Unfortunately I've been thinking of shutting this blog down. I get the empty feeling that fewer visitors stop here, and that nobody cares about me & my “discoveries” any more.

I still have about 5 pages of links that will be published automatically in the next few weeks. Unless something changes, I’ll be going back soon into the great void where I came from.

I hope he reconsiders, Grow-a-brain is definitely one of my favorite blogs in the whole wide Blogosphere: Link | See also his subsequent post explaining why and what's next.

I always was wondering how long a blog would last, how long the leaders would endure daily posting and so, how long the passion in Neatorama and Co will last.

"Like as the waves make towards the pebbl'd shore, so do our minutes hasten to their end." William Shakespeare
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It's bad enough that we may lose grow-a-brain but to lose this one as well......

I wouldn't know how to waste my time. It would be a sad loss to the entire internet community if neatorama went down. Aside from the NYTimes, its the only site that i read daily and continue to find mesmerizing. In fact, I don't think I've missed an article in almost two years.

I might be forced to turn to a life of crime and drug abuse to fill my time. (Not to lay a guilt trip on you, of course)
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I suppose he should ask himself why he's blogging and for what reasons. Is he doing it to entertain others, occupy himself, or for attention? The fact that fewer people read it wouldn't bother some people. Even if one person enjoys your work, that should be enough.
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Sometimes I wonder about Neatorama too - I've posted upwards of 10,000 posts in the last three years and it gets really tiring at times, especially before we have guest authors on Neatorama.

Now, it's kind of fun - since I get to read about new stuff on the blog (thanks, authors and commenters!) So fear not, Neatorama's not going away. Not for a while anyhow. :)
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