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Wedding Cake Life-Size Likeness of Bride!

Chidi Ogbuta of Allen, Texas, wanted a wedding cake like no other ... and the bride got it: the wedding cake is a full-size likeness of herself!

CNN I-Reporter has more pics: Link (Photo: Uche Ogbonna) - via digg

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Sounds like the bride has a pretty high opinion of herself!

My wife and I went to a wedding recently where they had displayed a quite large photographic portrait of the bride in her wedding dress. The groom was not in the pic nor was there a matching groom portrait. We thought that was pretty odd (as did others), but the bride was telling people it's all pretty trendy now. Yeah, whatever... I can understand a portrait of the 2 of them (or separate portraits, if they are kooky about being together in dress before the "big day"), but the bride all by herself in portrait or cake form seems pretty self-serving. Somebody wants no mistakes about whose "big day" it is. The poor guy better prepare himself for a lifetime of serving his princess.
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question #1: why?

question #2: which part of the cake is she going to save in the freezer for them to eat on their year anniversary?

question #3: considering the topic of the cake, will she and her new hubby even make it to their first wedding anniversary?
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I hate women like that. When they have their wedding it's like it's all about them and what they want. And of course there's the media brainwashing of what a bride should be like (tiara, plain strapless dress) and how it's only the bride's special day.
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Whine, whine, whine.

It is her big day, and they've forked out enough money to feed everybody they can think of. If you don't like the ritual, don't go.

I think I'd ask for my money back if I were her. The cake isn't really all that flattering.
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oh noez! they both came to the most important party in their life IN THE SAME DRESS! they'll lever live this down.

and is it me, or is the full frontal section of the dress meant to look like see-thru lace?
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Bridezilla! I wonder if she even knew (or cared) that her eventual husband was there? Just like my doesn't matter WHO you marry as long as you're MARRIED dammit! Some women think that being a married woman versus a single one gives her some sort of special status. Maybe in hell.
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If I were the husband, and were shown the cake, I'd look at it and say, "You know, I can't put my finger on it, but something seems to be missing." I'd wait to see if she could figure it out. Let's say she couldn't.

Then, at the wedding, right in the middle of the vows, I'd say, "It just hit me what's missing from our wedding cake, and it's the same thing that's missing from our wedding - the groom!" At that point, walk out and don't return.

If the groom is going to barely be involved in the wedding, then he will probably barely be involved in the marriage.
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That poor groom. I would hate to married to such an inflated ego. And an inflated bride. Maybe she could have spent less on that ugly cake and gotten a private trainer instead.
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yep it's a little outlandish but its also a very novel idea and the cake is very lifelike! it's a work of art in itself while still looking like a cake! i thinbk it's great go girl! if you cant think of nothing good to say just dont anything.
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Everyone's forgeting how wonderful and amazing this work of art actually is!!
Just the mere fact that the cake looks JUST LIKE HER, says a lot about the skillful cake-artiste.
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