Chicken Wings So Hot You Have to Sign a Waiver!

A Chicago tavern had a contest of sorts to promote its new chicken wings ... the wings are coated in one of the world's hottest peppers. So hot, in fact, that customers first have to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue for injuries!

That's Elliott "Wing Tut" Maruffi-Cowley grimacing after eating chicken wings in the 14th annual Wingbowl event in Philadelphia. (Photo: Tim Shaffer/REUTERS)

Link - Thanks moronic50!

Red savina habaneros are very hot, but they're hardly the hottest pepper. I own several hotter sauces in addition to a red savina habanero sauce, and I have no trouble with them. I like a spicy food a lot, but there are many people who can take much more heat than I can.

So, I'm going to declare these hot wings for poseurs.
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There's a place in Chesapeake, VA called Crazy Wing (formerly Wild Wing Cantina) that has a wing sauce you have to sign a waiver to eat. I ordered them once, and nearly went blind. I ate half of one and couldn't finish, and managed to get the sauce in my eye. For a solid 2 hours afterwards, everything I ate tasted like the sauce, and I got little shots of it every time I bit a nail for weeks, despite major scrubbing. They called them DOA wings.

I snapped a picture of the waiver here:

If you look around, you can see my sissy reaction to getting the sauce in my eyes.
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He's naked because the wings are hot! Duh! :)

Better question is: how many wings eating competition does one have to enter to earn the nickname "Wing Tut"?

And I'm glad you've regained your vision, JR! I wince at the thought of getting hot sauce in my eyes...
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There is a restaurant in my town called Jungle Jims. When you eat their "Insanity Wings" you have to be at least 18 years of age and sign a waiver for the same thing.
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Waiver wings are old news. I once ate at a place that served wings with caesium and arsenic in them. I ate fourteen dozen and I'm fine.

I also ate a whole cow. Whole.
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Every August, Flying Pie Pizza ( has "Double Habanero Pizzas," and a waiver is required to get one delivered (or to go). If you eat in the restaurant, you get ice cream to cool things off.
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Buffalo Wild Wings makes you sign a waiver if you take their "Blazin' Challenge" (12 of their hottest wings in 6 minutes without the use of napkins, drinks or licking your fingers) Hot, but old news now.
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Cluck U wings in Monmouth, NJ has been passing out waivers for their hot wings for at least 15 years now. Not sure when it really started, but that's when I first heard of it.
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I used to live in Sarasota, FL. there is a place there called munchies 420 cafe. They have a challenge called the "fire in your hole" challenge. The only thing I can say. Don't do it. It's made with ghost chili extract. Which is THE HOTTEST PEPPER IN THE WORLD. I ate 4 and a half. Adam from man vs food ate 2. It is only meant for the phony tough, and the crazy brave.
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