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Carl Warner's Foodscapes

Photographer Carl Warner did a series of photos called "Foodscapes" where everything was made entirely out of food!

The castle is made out of cheese, the walls out of rice, and the wagon wheels out of mushrooms!

The trees, of course, are made from broccolis! The "rows" of farmland are made of corn, asparagus, and zucchini. Potatoes stand in for rocks ...

And my favorite: loaves of bread as mountains!

Check out many more photos at his official website: Link [Flash, click on the second/orange box "fotographics" and then the second folder on the lower left-hand side "foodscapes"] - via Presurfer

nice-looking but totally outrageous if you consider how much hunger there is in the world! what i would like to know is, is that real food? what does he do with it after he has shot his photos?
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"Dear ....,

Thank you for your concern about the food used in the images.

Unfortunately there is always some waste, but the majority of it is divided up amongst the team of people who work on these images, and so as well as providing employment for them, I also help to feed their families.

Kind regards,

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it's easy to say that when one lives in a wealthy country where food is so easily available so much so that the world's most politically influential country -- and other more or less developed countries -- have an obesity problem and so much so that foodscapes may be made out of it, for no reason other than Art. whereas, on another side of the planet, people can't even begin to think of art for want of food.

don't get me wrong, i love art, i make a living out of it. i just think that it's symptomatic of an extremely imbalanced distribution of wealth in the world and i think that as a good citizen of the world in which we live, we have a right to be concerned.

all i would like to do is raise some questions, uncomfortable as they may seem to us who are lucky enough to have so much food and internet access. the other thing i would like is for people to put this whole thing in context, see the bigger picture and not just appreciate art for art's sake. certainly, it is beautiful, but art exists because it makes a statement of something. or at least, that is the case for most art in most of history.

in the light of this, i would rather congratulate Carl on his art which allows this controversial subject to be raised; it would then have served a purpose that extends beyond simple "art" or simple "food and world hunger".

and the next step would be: what can be done about it? or does one not really care? not even enough to raise questions?

the answers to these, i leave to each his own.

thank you for listening.
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alientango...just wanted to make sure youre still alive...your heart is bleeding so....get off your diatribe, we're so sorry that some people came over here and decided to work their asses off so they could make a living...and now theres people like me, who work their asses off and can just barely afford to keep their heads above the water because theyre already paying for the other half of the country, who refuses to work, to be fed with food stamps...yeah life aint fair, no matter where you live. take a big boy pill and deal with it.
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Yeah OK the worst site ever.

Why do these guys think it's cool to not have thumbnails to let us look at everthing at a glance and then pick which ones we want see in more detail?

I hate these kinds of sites.
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I've always thought that most of the world's food/hunger problem is not the production of food (like government having to pay farmers not to grow crop to prop up prices), but the distribution of it. Or more accurately, the lack of distribution of it.
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Yes I would love to have a few of the prints. I saw a few others including a broccoli valley and a mounain with a sugar waterfall that I am very interested in! Please let me know if this is possible!
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I think that these are great it is like taking gingerbread houses to a while new level and Baaaa humbug to the people that have to make everything an issue. There is a time and place to that.
Keep up the great work and I will keep checking in for new ideas for future gingerbread house creations.
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I simply love these pictures. They are an expression of art and art is art. Arthur Schopenahuer said "Aim of all the arts is the representation of ideas". And what a beautiful idea these pictures of Carl Warner! For sure they do not represent any waste or cause any hungry person starving. We could say that only if this was dane in a very poor place in spite of the powerty around. But, made here, instead they are a great representation of freedom in expressing our ideas, elegance, culture, fantasy. This world needs more of such things. Democracy is based on them. Thanks, Carl, for giving us such an opportunity. Bravo!
Emanuele Viscuso
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Hey Carl,
For those who are trying to bug you about the waste of vegetables when making your lovely photo project of art, I say they need to get off their bottoms at the computer and try growing a few vegetables themselves and stop always looking for the free handouts or for someone else to do that type of work...Why don't they grow some food for the needy...It's like the folks who complain if you buy a real Christmas tree off a lot because it's killing a tree...Idiots, if the tree farm didn't have people buying the trees, they wouldn't be in the business of planting them...Then some land developer would come in and fill up the land with his concrete and kill everything off.
If those art hating negative bumblers would get out and plant a few things worth growing, they'd get a better life and they wouldn't be complaining so much....I am a gardener and I appreciate your art too, as I am into photography...My butt hurts too much to sit at the computer this long....see ya
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Hi again,
Can't help myself....See the beauty in this art...It truly represents color, line, shape and texture....Something non free countries can really express because they are too busy making life miserable for each other.
To be honest, if I would have had posters like these hanging in my kitchen when the children were young, I think they would have enjoyed eating their vegetables better...Maybe their father would have too. :)
I'd like to see the pictures in a story book for children in the future...
Let's show some of the sad countries that we have energy in our country because we are FREE to plant, do art, live life the best we can. We have because we are FREE. We express because we are FREE. We educate because we believe in FREEDOM. We don't believe in a cast system because we are FREE.... We like our foods because we are FREE. We grow foods freely. We paint foods freely. We sell foods freely and we share our gifts Freely with our poor. Other governments are much crueler to their people and have selfish governing. That is why they are without. Not because we are free to grow, work, do art, live and share. Check out the peace corp and learn how we have been sharing and teaching for years to other countries so they may have a better life. It's up to their leaders to believe in freedom of their own people to get them to a better quality of life like ours can be.
Plant your gardens folks and take lots of beautiful photos!!
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Only idiots complains about the details and misses the big picture in a manner like such. Screw the food-scarcity issue-this art is not the cause of world hunger.

The important point is that this is art. And a major one at that. Don't judge it like you judge US invasion or the earthquake disaster.
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Alientango: thanks for the comments. I live in a country where there is barely enough to eat. It's not that "a painting with some bananas isn’t causing some kid in Ethiopia to go hungry!" It's not a painting... it's a photograph, done with real food. It's the propriety of it all... People who have enough to eat can be quite cavalier about hunger. To be cavalier about food when there are others who are starving (not because they are too lazy to work, mind, but because there's just not enough because of the skewed distribution of food), i think that's alientango's main argument. Why attack the guy?
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Dear Mr Carl,
I have seen your art-work in the magazine! It'so creative and totally OUTRAGEOUS! Too many moaners here, i'd like to say, congratulations for :

- let people seeing the beauty of food!
- let people appreciate the so they will not waste!
- making a stunning photography shot!

Love ur expression of art!
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I think these pictures are outstanding; I have never seen pictures made out of food with so much creativity. I think Carl Warner has a brilliant mind and these pictures will help promote creativity on young children's mind. Hats off to Mr. Warner. I highly value your work of Art!!!
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On the subject of Africa and hunger, those undernourished, starving children we see on television are the result of populations growing beyond the ability of the land to sustain them. But this a recent phenomenon which was triggered by western culture, namely by those "pro-life" values spread by catholic missionaries, which end up being "pro-death by starvation".
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Dear Carl,

Way to go! Your work is amazing and fun. It made me smile and smile.

I need to go now and order your book for my little ten year old artist.

Thanks a whole bunch (as in broccoli).
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I think the pictures are fantastic. Some folks just have no appeciation for art. If you don't like the pictures, you don't have to look at them or buy them. You have a right to your opinion, but I think it's pretty ridiculous crying and moaning over a few items of food. The fact that you have access to a computer tells me that you are probably pretty well fed.
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