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Human-faced Fish.

This is a type of hybrid carp, featured on a Korean news broadcast. Via Inventorspot

LOL @ VonSkippy and Gil. That's a link to a site featured on Neatorama 2 weeks ago! (Albiet, that *particular* link is to a specific users city, increaing their industry stat).

But the fish do look like Seaman fish. I wonder is that's where the game creators got the idea.
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My brain must not be working right. I've seen this clip so many times and they don't look like human faces at all to me. They look like fishes, not creepy ones, not scary in anyway. Just fish. What am I missing? I don't get it. :(
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There's nothing special about those fish. Koi have had "human faces" forever. It's just an illusion of their scale coloration.

I took this photo of one at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center last year.
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really creepy... is it a naturally occuring hybrid or a product of genetic manipulation?... actually either way I restate, really creepy!
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They remind me of the man-faced dog at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Angie, I think the fish were just cross bred.
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Why is this so startling? They don't look all *that* human.

I just think it's funny that a person named "Gil" was making a comment in a thread about fish. Get it - gill?
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Yeah, I don't think they look that human either. Maybe a little more like and animal than an average fish but not human. That's just my opinion. The video is not real clear. Maybe in "person" they look better.
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Does anyone remember those "Animorph" books? I know the final one's a lizard (negative capability) but the third/fourth pic is a complete match
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