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Top Ten Vegetarian-Friendly Prisons

PETA has compiled a list of US prisons that best cater to the diets of vegan and vegetarian inmates.
We get calls all the time from inmates who want to make a positive change in their lives by going vegetarian, and in the course of responding to these individuals, we’ve assembled the following list of the top 10 vegetarian-friendly prisons in the United States as a tidbit for curious citizens, a resource for prisoners’ rights groups, and, well, a menu for future inmates.

Link -via mental_floss

If you think vegetarian/vegan food is "terrible-tasting," you've never had any that was half-way decent. I've been a vegetarian for almost 4 years and I can assure you, I could make you a veggie chikin' and dumpings that would definitely change your mind. And I could kick your smelly, omnivorous arse.
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here we go again,
lets give cons a better lifestyle in jail than in the "real world", more incentive again to stay in jail

p.s. veggies aren't cheap anymore
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Stick with stale bread and water. Its vegan. :)

Oh and to Jamie: Carbs are what give people gas. Veggies make you gassy. Beans make you gassy. Meat does NOT make you gassy since its protein... sooo whats this you're saying about smelly?
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Good grief. Have you people completely given up on the idea of rehabilitation? I should think you'd be happy at the thought that some prisoners want to do some good in the world while they're incarcerated.

The best thing you can do, by the way, to fight global warming is to stop eating meat. The meat industry puts more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than all the motorized vehicles in the world.

While you're thinking about this, educate yourselves on the cruelty of factory farming methods, animal transport realities and what REALLY happens in slaughterhouses. Animals are sentient beings who suffer and feel pain the same way we do. Perhaps it's even worse for them because they cannot possibly understand what is happening to them and why.

Yes, I know. Some animals kill other animals for food. And when I'm willing to kill another animal with my own teeth and claws and eat it on the spot, then I'll eat meat too.
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Kerozene: Meat makes farts stink waaaayyy worse than vegetables and fruits do. I am surprised I have to tell anyone this.
Also, vegetables and fruits only make the people who don't get enough fiber in their diet gaseous. Fiber is a type of carb.
Also, as the people who eat the most meat are fat rednecks , being a vegetarian or vegan is much cooler (and hotter.)
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i see lots of reference to veggies and legumes, some dairy. No reference to meat.

People who eat meat = rednecks?
I refuse to fall for your kneejerk reaction inducing comment. Thats terribly trollish of you Jamie.
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"Good grief. Have you people completely given up on the idea of rehabilitation? "

Yes. But don't let the decades of proof shatter your rose colored fantasy world.
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I just wonder what chicken and "dumpings" taste like.

The funny thing about many vegetarian meals is how they always try to recreate meat in vegetable format. Seems a little hypocritical.

Most vegetarians I've known are not uppity about it, but you meet a few that spoil it for everybody else.
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