Singing Backwards

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The first half of this video features a guy singing a song in reverse. He’s also doing some stuff that will look strange backwards. The second half is where you find out what song he is singing, when the video goes backwards! This performance must have taken a lot of practice. -via Boing Boing

My vote for best Internet video of 2008. Could put him on the map like Lasse Gjersten ((Lassie? Lars? Gorenstein?) You know. The guy who made funny sounds with his mouth and edit them together into music.))

Anyway. I liked it.
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Funny I guessed it right first time. The moment he popped the balloons I thought, alright I think I know what it is.

Agreed, a cool video, something relatively original at least.
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wow the backwards balloon popping is great. it reminded me of the blue angels that go over ballparks around the same time in the song.
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I guessed the song too.
In a phonetics class I took in college:
The professor recorded herself saying something like
"Mal atTILLa da HE rem", then played it backwards and it became "Marry had a little lamb."
We also had to learn how to transcribe and say our names backward, so when it recording reversed it sounded like our names.
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