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World's Most Expensive Haircut

How much would you pay for a good haircut? Twelve dollars at Supercuts (like me) or $400 at a high-end salon (like John Edwards)?

Or would you pay even higher like Beverly Lateo, a blond millionaire who paid celebrity hair stylist Stuart Phillips £8,000 ($16,260) for a hairdo:

Yes, that's £8,000. For a haircut. OK, so the price did include her first-class flights from Italy, where Beverley, originally from Essex retired to 15 years ago, a limousine from the airport, Stuart's services for the entire day as well as the promise that Beverley's every whim would be indulged.

But in the event, her only indulgence was a cream tea and a trim and blow dry that took less than a hour. The result is Stuart's pocketed more than 50 times the normal £150 he'd charge for a standard cut in profit.

Nonetheless, Beverley, 50, insists her trim was worth every penny. "Some people would say £3,000 is too expensive for a Hermes handbag," she says. "Others would say £8,000 is too much for a haircut. "I'd say it's up to you to decide what you are prepared to pay for the things you want in life."

This is the third time Beverley has paid £8,000 for Stuart to cut her hair. She first came over a year ago after a hairdresser in Italy 'butchered' her hair. "My long blonde hair is my pride and joy and I want to be sure it won't be messed up," she says.

Must be nice to be rich! Link - via BornRich

Well, since you asked, zero. I asked someone at supercuts (during my last haircut) where they bought their electric razor. $50 later, I was done paying for haircuts and I have saved 100's since. #6 on top, #4 on the sides, #2 for the stash. Couldn't be easier. Don't waste your money on the "pros".
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I get free haircuts from friends who are hairstylists. Whoohoo, connections!

Is that really her "after" cut? She looked better with the wavy hair.
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I'll say it again. Some people just have too much money to spend! And I see that I'm not the only one who does his own hair here on Neatorama. Of course, I do the simple thing and use a No.2 all over. Short and clean which helps since I always wear my hat.
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She is a fool. She would have been better off donating that money to a worthy charity or something. Could you imagine being so fixated on your own hair that you would part with that much money? No sale. I'm a long haired guy and I either trim it myself or go to a professional who trims it for a pittance. I also like to have it completely shave above the ears, which I have learned how to do myself, or if I get suspicious that I might botch it I just go to him and he does a great job for around $20 plus tip. (I always tip, because gosh-darn it, that's just the sort of guy I am)

That woman is a narcissistic fool.
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I've never paid a cent for a haircut. My grandma is owner of a small salon and has cut my hair ever since I've had hair. I'm pretty sure she's the only one who has ever cut it!
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Well if spending butt-loads of money wasn't going to make me broke, then I'd be all, spendspendspend also. Creative people need patrons like her.
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@Vako: She's an intelligent and successful businesswoman. Though you may not agree with her spending decision, she certainly is no fool.

If she's not hurting anyone, why can't she spend her money the way she wants? By getting the ridiculously expensive haircut, she made sure that the airline, hotel, limo companies (not to mention the hair stylist) stay in business and their employees gainfully employed.
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That is ABSOLUTELY stupid. WHY THE HECK? Why not get just as decent a haircut for even £100, rather than £8000? That's just a stupid waste of money. Think of all those poor starving African children.
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To Jess@#8: thank you for pointing this out first

The article talks about Beverley spend the cash on the haircut. The article was written by Natasha. The caption under the picture says "NATASHA was happy with her old style..."

So PLEASE stop saying that she's not blonde and looks great for a 50 year old
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"Must be nice to be rich"

Hardly. There's nothing on earth that could make me desire a hollow, self-centered, delusional life like hers. The fact that the upper .001 percent's gluttonous vanity is presented as news for the masses to read and discuss is embarrassing for so many reasons.
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Ridiculous. A hairdresser in Italy once "butchered" her hair and that's her reasoning for spending that kind of money. Lady, get real. The last time my hair was butchered, guess what. Wait for it. IT GREW BACK. It's hair for crying out loud. Think of how many starving children you could have fed for that kind of money. Get over yourself.
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It's good to know that all the people who criticize the amount of money spent never do anything foolish with their money, and send it all to starving children instead. Bravo!

And of course you should get upset and call her names, she has more money than you! Who does she think she is? Everyone should just wear a shawl over their face and head and not be so vain.
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First of all, I cannot afford such extravagance, however, if this person can and then does it with her money, then that his her business, no matter how insane I might think it be. Secondly, I will not presume to tell her what she should do with her wealth; that is her business, not mine. Already we have too many bleeding hearts who want to tell others how to live their lives when their life could certainly use some scrutiny. Third, I pay $12.00 for a haircut, every two weeks. For those of you who think that is extravagant, too bad, frankly I do not care what YOU think. Fourth, quite frankly, if I had that kind of wealth, I would be looking to establish a foundation that would help others understand the evils of marxism and socialism. For those of you who do not like that, again, TOUGH! Again, I really don't care what YOU think. Have a good day.
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