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Take A Seat

Here is an interesting visual concept graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. A seat that you don't have to pick up and drag around in a library. Instead, this cute little guy/gal will follow you around like a faithful pet...that you can sit on. ;)

Of course, some of this is made with CG and in some parts you'll see someone moving it, however, if it ever did work imagine the possibility of sitting anywhere you want with a seat in a quite corner of the library or next to the windows as you like. Or, the havoc one can cause by playing around with them!

Hit play or go to the Link [Youtube] - via Freshome.

Here is the concept website by the designer Johann Winfridus (Jelt) van Geest. - Link.

Hah! I love it - very cute. Ridiculously impractical (to the point of the "problem" they could just have simple folding chairs with wheels on the bottom available at libraries - no wasteful electricity), but very clever. The thought of automatically assembling the numerous chairs at once was pretty interesting...
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) the middle of the night... those seats cry from the lack of human touch. in time, they will become jealous and rebel(along with neglected iPods)... thanks Design Academy Eindhoven(and Apple) for designing the doom of us all.
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Seems completely impracticable. Why should seats find you, when it's never very hard to find seats in a library? Also this demonstrates a highly idealised vision of how it would work - there are practically no other people in the library than the one chair user shown.
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That's what I thought as well about the number of people around. However, if ever built with a smart avoidance system I'm sure it would avoid hitting people.
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@ Jon....on the contrary...i was just in the library last week and had to leave because there was no seating, and our library is four stories high. I do have to agree, tho, quite impractical, but cute idea.
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@ MoniA

You'll see at around 1:07 in the right hand corner of the screen you'll see the actors head when he makes the chair "lift up". ;)
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These would probably only work in larger libraries where the aisles would be big enough to accommodate random sitters, otherwise they'd be a hindrance. they're cute as heck, though.
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