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Video shows real life super hero in action?

Or more likely an ad for a new super hero movie from Marvel? Any guesses? Via Lying in the Gutters.

I don't know about it being an ad for a super hero film, but that video was definitely fake. Obvious fake kicks, obvious fake fending off. The attackers didn't come in with enough speed to have their weight used against them like that. (not to mention they actually took turns instead of swarming like a real fight.)
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I saw a commercial the other day for a new Discovery channel-type show about "real supermen" - mutant people with superhuman strengths or abilities. It could be a promo for that.

No hits for Alex Cerneka - the alleged victim - in Google News.
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So fake, why can't companies make better fake videos? Seriously. Give me a camcorder and let me and my friends go wail on a guy in protective gear in the alley behind my apartment. It'll look 1000 times more real than this.

Not a superhero, the fighter actually seemed feminine to me actually, pretty flaccid for a viral ad.
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This could very possibly be a Watchmen promo. Notice the smiley face after the "Personally, we think he's pretty AWESOME" frame at the end. It even has the same mouth dimples as the smiley face button which is in the opening frame of the Watchmen series and which appears in extreme close-up on the cover of the collected anthology.
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I like the Watchmen theory, knew there was something familiar about that smiley face. Redphone and Dan are right though, terrible video. If they're making a film of Watchmen then they need to do better than this.
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Not that I actually believe this, simply because I'm not interested enough, but I find it kind of interesting that no one has it in them to believe there could just be some dude out there who really knows how to fight and decided to help the guy.
But sure, staged.
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In a real fight multiple attackers do not stand back and attack sequentially like a bad kung fu movie.
In real life attackers tend to pile in where they can find space.
This is some joke from a small town 'street fighting' defense course or something.
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I really really hate ads disguised as 'viral videos'.

The studios and companies just end up looking stupid when it comes out that the vids are marketing campaigns...
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The Watchmen theory seems pretty sound. He's reminiscent of the character 'Hooded Justice'. Which is disappointing because this is a very weak attempt at viral marketing for a movie version (maybe) of one of the greatest comics ever.
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Marvel has a new comic coming out called "Kick-Ass" about a comic book obsessed teen who grabs a bat and a mask and goes looking for trouble. Could be an attempt at viral marketing for that.
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