R2-D2 Translator

Ever wondered what that trash can-shaped droid is beeping about in the Star Wars movies? Here's your chance to find out.

The online "R2-D2 Translator" lets you type in a word (30 characters max) and get it translated into droid language. You also have the option to download the sound as an MP3 file.

Link - via OhGizmo

I always thought that was one of the dumbest parts of Star Wars (or course the complete list of dumb Star Wars things would take several dozen pages).

Star travel, light sabers, energy weapons, lifelike prosthetics, huge death stars, all easy peasy - but make a robot droid that could speak english (even though it could understand english) - that's just crazy talk.

Oh wait, they make a bipedal humanoid robot that could speak nine zillion languages (i.e C3PO) but they couldn't find enough space to jam a single language chip into R2D2 (a wheel based robot) - or even a LCD text display - WTF?
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