Charlie the Coyote

Writer and photographer Shreve Stockton took in a baby coyote when his parents were shot for killing sheep in Wyoming. She is documenting Charlie’s life with her and Eli the cat on the blog The Daily Coyote.
If Charlie demonstrates the need or desire to be out in the wild, there are places around here I could safely set him loose. There’s no question he would survive in the wild just fine - his instincts are very intact (more on this later), and though he is gentle and attached to me and to MC, he is afraid of other people.

From the beginning, I have made the commitment to let Charlie decide his destiny; to do right by him without attaching my own desires to the outcome or interfering with human logic. You can join me in seeing what unfolds.

MC refers to a coyote expert who is helping with Charlie. Scroll down the blog and check the archives for adorable baby pictures. Link -Thanks, Bill!

I used to think coyotes were cool. You know, Wiley Coyote from the Roadrunner cartoons. But last August, a coyote killed my two cats, my sweet little love machines. So, I no longer like coyotes.
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Ha, me too. I think it is calling the coyote a "him" instead of "it" right off the bat.

Nice story. I see a Disney movie in this!

It's got it all.
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She appears to be working in tandem with a coyote expert. This person could possibly be licensed as a rehabber. I commend her for her kindness. I probably would have done the same thing.

He is beautiful!!!
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He is beautiful and I think what Shreve is doing is totally cool. I know what I want for Christmas! I wanna baby coyote please please please!
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If you go to you tube to see some videos shreve is not allowing charlie the option to *choose* to stay with her as she told everyone. This MC is no rehabber either he is just some gov't employee alledgedly and is a coyote expet. Whatever a coyote expert is, if he knows about wild coyotes doesnt mean he knows jack about captive ones. Now she has him on a chain, so if he chooses to run and coyotes would do this, even captive ones, given the choice once mature, he can not run away fo shreve's fear he will be shot. She makes the statement don't people do this with their dogs? Uhm no my dog will not run away and get shot on me. She made a wild animal into a pet. And now she will have to realize the full implication of that choice. I see nothing spectacular about this story she is doing what MANY others have done over the years she just knew how to market it well that's all. And is now seeing dollar signs in it. She takes nice pictures and is being made into something greater than it is.
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plaese give me info on Charlie the coyote. you are so lucky to be able to have a coyote. there are coyotes in my dads a taxidermist. his name is Len. please send some info to me at
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I love charlie. Can you please send me info about charlie and maby even a few pictures of him. I am a humunges animal lover. I live near the woods, can hear coyotes at my house.
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Miss Stockton, good for you! It's ok to kill animals for fun or to "protect" man's interest, but do something nice, even if it is out of the ordinary, and one gets a negative label. As for the negative comments,try to ignore them. It appears you know what you're doing. Keep up the good work.
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