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Toys NOT for Tots.

While looking online for toys for my three year old, I stumbled on a list of the Top 25 most baffling toys. Needless to say, very few of these seem to be appropriate for children (although most appear to be marketed to that demographic).

Take the doll pictured above (made in Russia). What child needs to have their nascent perceptions of sexuality be confused even more by a hermaphroditic doll? Maybe some marketing genius thought "hey, if we make a doll that has parts from both sexes, we can cut our production costs in half!".

See the whole list at

gender and sexuality are fluid. gender-less dolls are more confusing in my opinion, it's like keeping natural anatomy a dirty secret from children.
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Heard about those old CCCP stories (urban legends?) about Russian shoe factories : they would produce the left shoe in one factory, the right shoe in another. The resulting difference in production quality and output was nightmarish.

Seems that they're onto the toy market nowadays...
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In what way is it hermaphrodite? My ten year old son's got hair half way down his back (he gets teased at school, but only by the girls - I think they're jealous), but trust me, he's all boy.

Our local play group and our nursery all had dolls with all the bits - the kids just took it in their stride. It's not as if it's any great surprise to a child!
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Actually those toys were made in China, and there was an outrage in Russia about this, the picture on the right is from a newspaper article. They speculated that the Chinese were trying to confuse Russian children or something.
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I also just realised the doll on the left also looks like it could be one of those dolls that goes "for a pee".

So we have a hermaphroditic doll, that pees, on a BBQ, next to a power lead. Never thought I'd say all them in same sentence!! lol
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