Yay! Free Stuff for Neatorama's Top Commenters

Woot! Thanks to our pal Vat19, three lucky Neatorama readers are getting an early Christmas present: LightWedge LED Book Light. This neat gadget lets you read a book at night without disturbing anyone else in the room because the light is directed only onto the page.

Now this wasn't a contest: no one was told beforehand about it. The winners are three of the top commenters on the blog for November of 2007. They didn't know that there was a prize for commenting. It's a complete suprise!

Here's a screen grab as of the time I made this post in the wee hours of the last day of November (Sorry Vonskippy! Missed it by a little bit... ).

This is our way of saying thanks for participating and making the blog interesting by commenting. So congratulations to Chris, ted, and algonkin!

Will we do this again? Yes, but I won't tell you when ... it could be next week, next month, or further in the future ... but here's a hint: although you don't have to pre-register to comment, the next winners will be registered users of the blog! (Register here - it's fast and easy)

If you didn't win, you can still visit Vat19 to buy this and other cool gadgets for Christmas. Congrats again, guys, and thank you to everyone for reading/commenting on Neatorama!

I wouldn't be surprised if you get a high number of new registrations these days. Like me. Been on here for ages, but never registered. Mainly because the links for "login" or "register" are a bit hidden :)
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Crap, I need to kick it up! This was a cool prize -- I should could use it 'cause I am an habitual late night reader ... drives my wife nuts. I've got a slew of little reading lights, but this one might be the least offensive yet. I'll have to put it on my Christmas list!
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Rats. My name was on that list once upon a time... Must be slipping (but refuse to sink to sparge's level! ;o)

One question: Is the list of top commenters updated monthly, or are the top commenters updated monthly? (grammar check)
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@Dave: You're right, I've fixed the grammatical error.

@Aeris: Hm, I thought it was pretty clearly displayed on the right-hand side navigation bar. I'll add a link in a more prominent place then.

@Sparge: Well, I suppose you could be right even though there's a comment flood timer on Neatorama (You can't post a comment right after another after another). I guess I should add "no stupid comments" to the rules!

As I've said in the post, I'll keep the comment system open. You don't have to register to comment, but for some giveaways, you'd have to be a registered user.

Thank you!
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Wait - what about rewarding for the QUALITY of comments instead of the QUANTITY.

...nevermind, I'm over it, congrats to the winners and all that other good natured crap the losers (that's me) are supposed to say.
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Wow! I won something? Thanks!

But guys I'm not here to win something, not even bragging rights. I'm here because it's a neat blog and I truly enjoy it. After a long day of hard work, or during a bad insomnia, I find in Neatorama something to change my mind, either on the funny side or the cultural side. Something to soothe my mind, to get away from it all. A way to express that is by adding comments, and submitting stuff that can be interesting. It's being part of the community, giving back in a way (Or it's a sign that I should take Unisom more often). The reward is when I something is published, let's say the Extreme Caterpillar Dance. Hey, I contributed to this nice adventure! Kewl!

So, Alex, if you don't mind, I'll thank you again, and disqualify myself and pass the gift on the next lucky poster. So congrats to Vonskippy! Maybe quality won after all ;)
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Wow, I should probably say something noble and be a graceful winner, but who am I trying to kid - so gimme, gimme.

//Thanks Chris (and Alex and Vat19, the academy, to all the other little peons who make the "magic" occur behind the lens, my agent, and most of all, my mentor - Skippy the Wonder Toad).
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I am a regular reader of your blog. Good to see something for the intelligent masses. I am having a little bit of trouble with your rss feeds, I am using my trusty firefox.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful day!
Dr. George Jose.
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