What is It? Game 47

Hooray! It's time to play this week's game in collaboration with What is it? Blog. Can you tell me what this strange (and scary!) contraption is for?

Place your guess in the comment section - no prize, so you're playing for fun and bragging rights. Please post no URL (let others play). For dimensions clue, check out What is it? Blog.

And Miss C - I know what your guess is already!

Update 11/30/07 - the answer is:

Egg shell cutter, or egg topper, used for cutting off the top of a soft boiled egg.

Congratulations to maquessimme #2 who got it right just 12 minutes after the picture was posted!

It is a tool for opening boiled eggs.

I have used this exact model and can categorically say that it is rubbish.

I busts the shell into tiny bits which make your egg gritty.

Stick to a teaspoon.
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Well, so many upright variants and I don't know what to suggest, but :)

1. Torture instrument (may be a penis cutter, or less terrible is a tongue cutter, hands cutter)
2. Strange pair of scissors
3. Baking cup LOL
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My gran had one too for taking the tops of hard boiled eggs , my brother and I used to chase each other with it threatening to chop eachothers fingers off
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It's a virginity keeper: the girl ties it around her waist using the loops on the device, and when a guy tries to get lucky on her, *chop* the penis is cut off.
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Long ago when the tin can was first invented people thought it a great idea. however no one had yet invented a good way of opening the can. This contraption is one of the first attempts at a can opener before we arrived at the one we all know and love.
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Hosnap! I found one of these in the kitchen drawers when i was little and it had to be my favorite "not-a-toy" anytime i could get my hands on it. But yes, other than working as an excelent monster mouth when chasing the little sister around, it can sometimes be used to cut the shell off the top off of a soft (or hard) boiled egg.
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This is a perfect example of 'Nefas-Fabrika-Legitimus' or using the wrong thing in the right way. The device is a Crismus Freg, a handheld toll for primping a ruff collar. It works perfectly but no one wore ruff collars in 1923, when Mr. Rich Crismus invented it. After financing the manufacture of 10,000 of these, his backer hit upon a brilliant idea and put an ad in a local newspaper with a picture of the freg with the title 'What is it?' The correct guesser won $25. After several unlikely suggestions a use for this device was discovered and now one can be found in nearly every hard boiled egg eating household in America.
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I've seen these before and they are used to cut the end of a cigar to prep it for smoking. A well made cigar often has sealed ends and needs to be cut so that they can be properly lit.
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It is used to cut the tops off of soft boiled eggs and I've been looking for one of these for ever. Where did you find it? Williams-Sonoma doesn't sell them anymore.
I like a 4&1/4 minute soft boiled egg.
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OH I actually know this one! It's for taking the tops off boiled eggs!
But this looks like it's mated with a pair of scissors and had horrible mutant offspring... maybe the one I have is just crippled (its got no handles, just two buttons you squeeze together)
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