Mickey Mouse Mural for Baby's Room

Image: Crazy Monkeybutt [Flickr]

Joey Ellis painted this mural for his son's room based on the 1933 Walt Disney cartoon "Mickey and the Mechanical Man." It took him 3 months to complete: Link [Flickr set] - via Cartoon Brew

I'll give you a tip if you want to do this for your child. Borrow an overhead projector (work, library) and use transparencies (coloring book pages copied onto transparency sheets work well). Do the whole thing in a day.
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they've litigated for stuff like this before
or so says the internet
you'd think they'd recognize the negative publicity to be way more damaging than some nursery walls, but no...
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Unless they're filthily greedy I don't see why The Mouse would sue them, since it's not for profit.

I remember my dad did this with pictures from a book about dinosaurs when I was a tot.
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I like this because babies are suppose to really respond well to black and white contrast ( I made a mobile foe my baby using graph paper and a sharpie and she loved the crap out of it).
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it is very well done, but for a baby it might be a tad scary. Also scientist say that it is better for children if their environment is colourful, they'll learn to focus better and faster. But that aside, nice mural.

Kacey: absolutely love yours :)
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He should never have posted that photo... Several years ago Disney and their teams of high-priced goon lawyers came down here to South Florida and sued the pants off of every day-care center they could find with any Disney characters up on the walls.

....Lost all respect for them...
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It might be a bit harder for them to sue a pair of parents for doing that though, as - aside from the photo - their mural isn't on public display. You can do copyright infringements like this for example as long as you keep it to yourself and don't use it for your business for example. In day-care centers it is an essential part of their business (you know, children need to have a fitting environment etc) to design the rooms, so I can understand where Disney took the base for that lawsuit. Not that I agree with it.
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You can copy whatever the heck you want (inventions, handbags, artwork, designer clothes, whatever) as long as it isn't for commercial use. I'm surprised a US resident would be confused on this -- it's pretty straightforward and is generally well understood.

The (ahem) "daycare" centers are really just babysitting businesses. I don't know the specifics of the case, but if they were hanging real legally purchased Disney posters and artwork, they should have been fine. If it was non-licensed artwork (including owner-drawn stuff or murals like this), they were essentially stealing Disney intellectual property and profiting (via more babysitting clients coming to their nicely decorated site).

Near where I live, there is a local government grade school actually named for Walt Disney (the man). It's got a lot of Disney characters hand-painted on an exterior wall mural visible from the street. I'm presuming Disney, Inc. lets them get away with it since it's a government entity, not a private school (although taxpayers cough up about $15K per student per year to the school district... that's another windmill for me to joust, though) and the school was named in honor of Mr. Disney decades ago. If a for-profit school tried it, they wouldn't have a chance in court, though. It's Disney, Inc.'s intellectual property, plain as day.

Don't like it?
1. Create your own cute cartoon characters and put them in the public domain.
2. Move to Red China where intellectual property isn't recognized.
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Well said Sid! As an artist myself, my butt would fry if my artwork was used for-profit without my consent! I carefully protect everything that goes to print...

Aside from that-this is very nicely done! Cute!
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