Thousand Year Old Riddle for All You Dirty Minded People ...

The Exeter Book, a tenth century codex of Anglo-Saxon poetry is the largest collection of Old English literature. In addition to poems, there are about a hundred or so riddles (and yes, some of them are quite ribald!)

See if you can guess the answer to this 1,000-year old riddle:

Swings by his thigh / a thing most magical!
Below the belt / beneath the folds
Of his clothes it hangs / a hole in its front end,
stiff-set and stout / it swivels about.

Levelling the head / of this hanging tool,
its wielder hoists his hem / above his knee;
it is his will to fill / a well-known hole
that it fits fully / when at full length

He's oft filled it before. / Now he fills it again.

Here's the answer for all you dirty minded people: Link

If you look at old keys they have a hole in the front of them. The shaft of the key was cylindrical and had a forward-facing hole in the front. This hole went over another shaft inside the lock to help rotate the key properly. Look it up on google.
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The "key" to this riddle is that it is Anglo-Saxon. Only an Anglo-Saxon key would fit it's hole fully and swing by it's wearer's thigh. Now if it were Scot, or maybe French, the riddle could have a dual meaning...
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"Thousand Year Old Riddle for All You Dirty Minded People ..."

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